Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Eyes Are Watching God

Floating in that marvelous creation, it reminded me of the scene of Their Eyes Were Watching God where Halle Berry's character submerges herself in pristine waters and focuses on the heavens above.

I have a thing for water. Rain, rivers, beaches, baths.
It's relaxing, cleansing, spiritual.

This pic was taken a week ago and reflects where I am in life. 
Before I felt haggard, hassled, harassed.
Hurried to make important decisions to fulfill the human definition of success.
Not pausing to hear from God. Not resting in Him.
But this pic is where I am.
Floating in Him. Resting and looking upon Him.
And wondering what it is He wants to ask me.

Sometimes we go about life in a fast pace frenzy 
because that's what is dictated to us as best by society.
Stop and bask in God.