Monday, June 4, 2012

Daily Fix of Hair

Today's fix is of Conkarah - Jamaican reggae artiste

Check out his latest single No Barbershop
produced by Niko Browne for Lifeline Music on the Rockfort Rock Riddim.

Treatments and such

Hello Lovelies!

Hope all is well with each and every one of you. Today, this post is about a pre poo treatment I did and thought of sharing with you all.

It all started when I saw a tweet appear on my timeline ( @cinnirox if y'all wanna follow) from NoĆ©mie who was featured on MANE-ly Speaking. Check it out here.

She tweeted about doing an egg deep conditioner and how awesome it was for her. I ended up messaging her about it. Yes I know egg treatments aren't new and are very common but I've only done one in my entire life. For homemade protein treatments, I would draw for coconut milk because that was readily available to me rather than eggs.

So we got to chit chatting about the treatment and I asked her what she used. I decided to take her recipe but use it as a pre-poo instead.
Not a person that religiously pre-poos so when something catches my eye that I feel is proper pre-poo material, I hop on it and try it.

So click below the jump for the recipe!