Monday, June 4, 2012

Treatments and such

Hello Lovelies!

Hope all is well with each and every one of you. Today, this post is about a pre poo treatment I did and thought of sharing with you all.

It all started when I saw a tweet appear on my timeline ( @cinnirox if y'all wanna follow) from NoĆ©mie who was featured on MANE-ly Speaking. Check it out here.

She tweeted about doing an egg deep conditioner and how awesome it was for her. I ended up messaging her about it. Yes I know egg treatments aren't new and are very common but I've only done one in my entire life. For homemade protein treatments, I would draw for coconut milk because that was readily available to me rather than eggs.

So we got to chit chatting about the treatment and I asked her what she used. I decided to take her recipe but use it as a pre-poo instead.
Not a person that religiously pre-poos so when something catches my eye that I feel is proper pre-poo material, I hop on it and try it.

So click below the jump for the recipe!

Protein Pre Poo Treatment courtesy of Noemie.

Note that there are no specific measurements. Noemie is a gal after my own heart and she just eyeballs the amount. 

Plain Yogurt
Olive Oil
1 Egg
Apple Cider Vinegar

That's it!

I've never used ACV in my life so all the more why I wanted to try this treatment.
My mixture ended up having a smidge of Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque in it. I had a bit left (an amount that would do nothing for my hair) so I just dropped the ingredients in the jar and mixed it all up.

-I then sectioned my hair into 6 and applied the mixture. I then proceeded to finger detangle my hair.
-Left it in my hair for about an hour I think, uncovered.

Loved it so much! Made my wash process much easier. I did take some time in finger detangling but twas fine. I preferred that then standing wet in the nude for hours. (TMI)

Sorry for the lack of pics but I totally forgot so here's this.

Pic on the right is from Oct/Nov 2011 
Pic on the left is after the pre poo treatment. 
Hair washed and the hair out has some deep conditioner in it.
Review of that coming soon.

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