Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Not My Hair

Smile Blue Apparel
Photo taken by ME

India.aRIE had women around the world singing "I am not my hair" on the top of their lungs back in the day. Even now with the growing of the natural hair community and women seemingly divided by hair types and no-lye relaxers, that mantra seems to be shouted at every corner. But is it true?

We tend to define people by their physical features.. "That chick with the full lips, dude with the fade, he dating that Latina girl down the street" I am known to many as the girl with a lot of hair. A nickname for me at work was "Big Hair Don't Care".. even my boyfriend has me saved in his phone as Big Hair. I know I am more than just my hair but a lot of people know me for that, that is the first thing they see and I like to talk about hair in general. If it wasn't for my hair, you wouldn't be reading this.

So with that said, I am my hair because my hair is apart of me. It is one the many things that make up who I am at the current moment. Is it the most important? Heck no. I am more than my hair but I am my hair.

So I'm fabulous.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shots of Life

Haven't done one of these in a bit and I've been meaning to.
My scuzzies (sister cousins.. & my actual sissy) had a fun filled weekend
more like a day where we hit NYC and did some fun stuff.
9/11 Memorial, Picnic in Central Park & Dinner!
These are (some of) the day pics.

Wash N Go YO

So for this summer, I've been doing a lot of wash n gos. For this past year really. 
I never really did a lot of wash n gos in the past due to the varying curl patterns in my head and length at the time. After about a 2 months or so from my BC, the shape looked so awkward. 
Whenever I did one, I either pinned both the sides back or wore a headband. 
So mullet looking.. lol. I promise it looked a tad better later on

Never ever could I wear it out by itself. So last year I started doing them more and this year a bit more because of how much my hair has grown. It doesn't look weird. Well sometimes the curls by my temple (which are the loosest curls) can hang lower than the rest then its just off but I can always fluff to hide that.

So in the Summer Product Post here, the styling products you see are what I use. I just mix a combo of them.

This wash n go is the Curl & Style Milk, Smoothie & then "sealed" with the Beautiful Curls Curl Custard.
I re wet my hair and applied the Garnier to my hair.. finger detangled for a lil bit (like 5 mins tops) then rinsed. 
Look out for my vid on the diff combos I use for wash n gos!

Have you been doing wash n gos for the summer? Do you like them?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Daily Fix of Hair

Today's fix of Me
Shot by Me

Twist Out - set with Shea Moisture Curling Souffle

Watch how I styled this twist out in my latest YouTube vid!


Today marks the 51st anniversary of Independence for my beautiful country Jamaica.
The country isn't perfect but we've accomplished so much in this time and impacted the world through music, the arts, our culture, food and sports. I wouldn't trade my heritage for anything in this world.
I'm a proud Jamaican :)

On the theme of Independence, thought I would share these movie trailers for 
'Half of a Yellow Sun' & 'Mandela: A Long Walk To Freedom'

These two movies got a lot of flack from people due to the casting decisions. Many people who read Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie were upset at the casting of Thandie Newton in the role of Olanna 
and for the Mandela film, Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela.
No lie I was a bit skeptical on both of these decisions but tried not to let that influence how I would view these movies. after watching the trailers, I'm highly intrigued and cannot wait to see both films.
I'm even going to re-read Half of a Yellow Sun in preparation. 

If you haven't read it yet, you need to. Such a great & gripping novel by an exceptional writer. Both of these films tell a story of struggle for independence and the issues that stem from that fight. Very fitting on this here momentous day for Jamaica.

Enjoy =)