Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Not My Hair

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Photo taken by ME

India.aRIE had women around the world singing "I am not my hair" on the top of their lungs back in the day. Even now with the growing of the natural hair community and women seemingly divided by hair types and no-lye relaxers, that mantra seems to be shouted at every corner. But is it true?

We tend to define people by their physical features.. "That chick with the full lips, dude with the fade, he dating that Latina girl down the street" I am known to many as the girl with a lot of hair. A nickname for me at work was "Big Hair Don't Care".. even my boyfriend has me saved in his phone as Big Hair. I know I am more than just my hair but a lot of people know me for that, that is the first thing they see and I like to talk about hair in general. If it wasn't for my hair, you wouldn't be reading this.

So with that said, I am my hair because my hair is apart of me. It is one the many things that make up who I am at the current moment. Is it the most important? Heck no. I am more than my hair but I am my hair.

So I'm fabulous.

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