Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Product Review - Keracare Cleansing Cream

Hello Lovelies!
I promised a review of the Keracare Cleansing Cream so here it is

Retails for $11-$12

I've been using this product as part of my 2013 Summer Regimen. 
I tried it out last summer when I received a 2 oz sample from a natural hair meet up. 
This product is very creamy, goes onto the hair easily and a little goes a long way.
I finger detangled with it in. It doesn't have great slip, it's kinda thick but not too thick where I can't detangle. Don't try to detangle with a comb, not a good idea. It has a bit of lather, more on second use which is only necessary if you have a bunch of product buildup. 
It cleanses efficiently in one round. I saw my curls popping after rinsing out!

Overall I really like it! 
I tried it in place of using shampoos but due to my eczema, I need a good shampoo that helps get rid of my issue. It does well in calming my scalp but I can't take out a poo in my regimen. I love that it actually cleanses my hair and conditions it. 
I've used it and then added a leave in after, no rinse out or deep condish necessary.
It's great for a quick wash. Idk how it compares to cheaper co washes.

Have you used this product before? Are you an avid co wash user?

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