Friday, September 27, 2013

#Fall4P31 - October Challenge

Hello Lovelies!
So now that Fall is officially here, that means colder temps
(for those in tropical climates.. hurray! none of that lol)
So since October is couple of days away and my BDAY month
I've decided to challenge myself with hair styles & Scripture
and I want y'all to join in!

Fall For Proverbs 31 Woman
Turning 22 means one step further into adulthood and my walk with Christ
Life can become mundane, same hairstyles
same ol' same ol' when it comes to the quiet time with God
I wanna switch it up when it comes to my hair & my daily devotions

I'll post pics on IG w/ hashtag #Fall4P31 
Post pics of yourself w/ your style for the day & fav verse from chapter
Hashtag so we can support one another!
I'll blog weekly about the styles I did for that week + the chapters that was read
& show a tutorial for my fav style of that week and what I learned from the readings

Why am I doing this?
Well I dub myself a 'lazy natural' - I really just wear my hair out or in a bun
which is cool but I always say how natural hair is versatile but I don't do much with my hair
& there's so much to being a woman than the outer beauty 
reading & meditating on a Proverbs chapter per day should be splendid!

I figured Fall is the perf time to try stuff out especially my Bday Month.. 22 new thangs!
Now I probably won't be doing elaborate things, you guys can though.
I wanna see what you all come up with!

Challenge starts on OCT 1. 

Gonna join in on the challenge? 
Tweet me @CandidCinni w/ #Fall4P31 and let me know!

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