Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Twisted It Up

Greetings & Salutations all.

in an attempt to post more about my hair & what I do to it
here is this post.

I decided to put my hair in twists to give it a break from styling.
I've had these in for about a week now. the goal is to have them in for 2 weeks..
Looking kinda slim. They're already frizzy & I miss the loose hair :-|

Here are pics from the twisting process.
courtesy of my webcam.
I took better quality pics for y'all which will be in another post

it's twisting time!

i'm so excited

let's drop some eco styler up in dis joint

KBB Creamylicious came along for da ride

look back at it.

my "I don't care to part or sit here for 59 hrs face" 

no cares given to the back

Steebie J face on Morphine


tried a lil sumn sumn

Monday, April 29, 2013

Change Up!

Hey Lovelies!

As you can see, the blog has had a makeover!
I'm so in love with the banner art done by my good friend Kemar Swaby.
All I asked was for an illustration of the previous pic & he created this beauty :D

So new banner meant a few tweaks here & there.
My About & Contact sections are to the left

You can find all the Candidly Speaking & MANE-ly Speaking features under Candid Manes

Yeah man.

My baby got all glammed up and just in time for summer!

Product Review - Karen's Body Beautiful

Alo Lovelies! 
I promised this review many many many many moons ago.
Better late than never right?
*but never late is better*

Anyhoo, I won these Karen's Body Beautiful products last year at the Midlands Meetup
Check out that post here
They were donated by Nexrastore.com but I just checked their site & don't see KBB
I'm guessing they don't stock them anymore but Curly Emporium has it for the UK gals
so the prices I will show are from the KBB site & CurlyEmporium
I used them once before I jetted off to FL for the summer and I didn't carry them with me
but I've been using them since I got back, with others & so forth.

Get into the review.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

MANE-ly Speaking - Anniki

Got a chance to catch up with the freckled faced beauty that is Anniki.
If you're just as curious as I was about this red-haired lady who hails from Jamaica, 
read on for what she has to say about her luscious mane.

Who are you?
I am Anniki Witter, an almost 3 year medical student/dancer in Jamaica. 

3 words you would use to describe yourself.
Outspoken, Analytical, Wild

Why did you go natural?
I went natural because I realized that I much preferred my “newgrowth” to my processed hair. It is also true that my sisters and classmates began transitioning or had already transitioned, so my social environment definitely facilitated my interest when I was ready to make the change.

Was it difficult or easy to go natural?
The decision itself was easy. I no longer thought of my processed hair as MINE. It seemed that it was someone else’s and that the only hair that belonged to me on my head was 1cm long. So, I wanted to chop it off and that was FINAL! BUT of course, there was discouragement LEFT RIGHT AND CENTRE! Even the “natural” hairdresser (who of course had her weave in) told me on arrival that my face was too fat to wear my hair short. I was scared, and waited another month before returning to her (I was in Minnesota, not much black people options :) and insisting that she cut it off. AND SHE DID! Some loved it. Some hated it. But most importantly, I was happy.

4 words to describe your mane.
Red, Wild, Curly, Perfect

Tell us a little about your regimen.
Well, to be honest, my regimen would be much more regular and complex if I wasn’t a poor and busy medical student. Everyday, I get up, I wet my hair regardless of the style (wash and go OR bun). 
I always leave a little conditioner in my hair & use Eco-Styler Gel because its cheap and it gets the job done. My real favourite gel is Kinky Curly Curling Custard
My favourite styling product is Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. (I just tried Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls too: not bad, smells nice, bigger curls.) 

I use Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk for moisture. No matter what I do, I try to seal the ends of my hair with Coconut Oil (to combat damage). I also sleep on a satin pillow case. I shampoo my hair RARELY (at most twice a month, at least once a month). It’s too harsh! It dries my hair out! But I do need to remove build up, so when I shampoo, I slap on my Aloe Vera concoction immediately (Aloe Vera from in my yard blended with Coconut Oil and Honey) to moisturize and condition.

What have you learned on your natural hair journey?
I learnt to love myself a little more. I learnt that people are going to have all sorts of opinions and reactions to your appearance but that has more to do with them and their issues than it has to do with yours. I’ve always been a confident person, but no girl wants to be ugly. Every girl wants to be perfect. I learnt to be content with my perfection, not someone else’s.

MANE-ly speaking.. 

I’d like to encourage anyone who is thinking about going natural to GO FOR IT! And not because you want your hair to look like mine. It won’t. It will look like yours and it will be perfect.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pre-Poo Updo

 Oy my goodness.. is this a hairstyle from Cinni?
Why yes, yes it is.

Lol guys, this was created by accident. 
As the title says, I was pre-pooing..well doing a scalp thing that I plan on posting about..and in the process of separating and pinning, 
this updo came about. 

Aside from the frizz, I was like "This is a hot style!" 
So I pulled out the cam & snapped a couple of pics for you guys.
I'm trying to take more pics of my hair for you guys so BOOM!

Here's how it came about if you want to re-create it in a more banging way than I did.

Artiste Spotlight - Kwabs

Kwabena Adjepong a.k.a Kwabs.
A soulful screamer from... The UK but with roots in Ghana.


I came across his rendition of James Blake's Wilhelm Scream through a Youtube playlist
& fell in love
His voice is haunting but so rich. 
It's like hollow wood with sweet molasses running through it.

He has a single out called Spirit Fade which y'all should take a listen to.
So get into Kwabs & his voice from beyond.
Enjoy =)

Daily Fix of Hair

Today's fix is courtesy of amazing photgrapher Kwesi Abbensetts
He posted this pic on his Instagram & just had to share

Monday, April 22, 2013

Daily Fix of Hair

Today's fix is of Harleighblu
a smooth soul singer from Nottingham UK


Qoileez Review

Happy Monday Lovelies!
Tis a gloomy day where I am but giving thanks to God that I'm able to see it

I have a product review you for you guys.
I was sent these hair accessories from the good people at Qoileez.

 I don't accept everything offered to me but I was intrigued by this particular product.
The product seems more suited for young girls but it can add a lil something to natural hair!
They're made out of stretchy plastic and did not snag my hair at all which is plus. 

I've worn it a couple of times and I've gotten compliments on them. 
They're very boho chic when worn in loose natural hair or twists. 

Easy to put in especially on twists. I did lose one but I blame the wind.. It was ridiculous! 
They tend to stay in place very well even on my loose hair. 

Got my friend Mon to wear them for me as well in her Type 4 hair. 
They stayed in place so good in her hair.

I really do like Qoileez. They have a wide range of patterns and colours available so you can find 
something to add pizzaz to you or a lil one you know's hair.
I appreciate that I can add these to my hair for a fun look and they don't damage my hair.
As I said before, they're perfect for young girls ages 3+.  I don't see grown women running out to buy them mostly due to the patterns & colours they have available. 

Thanks to Qoileez for sending me these to review for my honest opinion.

If you're interested in these cute hair accessories for yourself or someone you know,
Check back for a Qoileez Giveaway!
In the meantime, check out their site here

Friday, April 19, 2013

Daily Fix of Hair

Alo mi Lovelies!
Today's fix are links so click click click away to em!

This past week and some days, I've been featured in two different places.

I'm the latest Behind The Curl feature on KisforKinky!
Y'all already know this is one of my fav blogs. 
I credited Angel of the site as an inspiration for my blog & I was more than pleased when I was asked to be featured.
Thank you for the feature!
You can check that out here

& also
My pic was chosen to accompany a natural hair column in the Flair Magazine 
which is in the Jamaica Gleaner.
Yea y'all..
The fro made it to print all bout Jamaica :D

You can check out the article which is written by Curly-Centric Jamaica
a group in Jamaica that aims to highlight & celebrate natural textured hair. They host monthly meetups and all that wonderfulness.
Click here for that 
& Cheers to Curly-Centric JA for getting that column in the paper!

Colo(u)r Tips

So following from yesterday's rant about Hair Colo(u)r
thought I would give some tips for those thinking about diving into the pool of color.
I am not a professional hair expert, stylist or guru. Just a gal sharing what has worked for her.

Before Coloring

 *Assess the condition of your hair
Since coloring the hair involves some form of chemicals, you want to make sure your mane is in tip-top shape beforehand. 
Check to see if there is significant breakage and split ends.
 Trim those damaged ends (if you have any)

*Strengthen hair
Do a protein treatment the wash before you decide to color it. 

*Decide if you want to do it yourself or get it done professionally.
If you're scared, I say go to a professional. If you're ballsy & on a budget, get a box color. 
If you know someone who has colored their own hair before, ask them to help you out!

After Coloring

This is a given but you need to pay attention to it even more than before.

*Deep Condition Regularly
Once a week is good enough but amp up your deep conditioner with oils.
See posts on homemade DC's here & here.

*Incorporate Protein into your Hair Regimen
I know some ladies are protein sensitive but your colored tresses need more protein now since the hair is weaker.
 Look for leave-ins with proteins (I've been using Mixed Silk Leave In which is now discontinued *bawls*) 
or deep condition weekly with a light protein conditioner like Aubrey Organics GPB or a homemade one. 

Having color treated hair isn't a death sentence for healthy hair or length retention.
It's a great way to mix it up now and again but neglect is a huge no-no!
Bleaching can be done but again, on healthy hair and get someone who is skilled to do it.
The section of my hair is bleached on top of a box color.. my hair has not broken off or dropped off my scalp.

Happy Colo(u)ring!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Colo(u)r Me Silly

Greetings Lovelies
This warmer weather is making me think of Summer
Sandy beaches, frozen drinks, HOT SUN!
It's the island girl in me and with the thoughts of Summer come the thoughts of switching up my hair
in the form of color.
I've thought about doing Marley Twists but I really like having my hair free&loose in the Summer
so color it is!
Even when I was relaxed, my go to hair switcharoo would be some form of color. 
I've done a bleached blonde chunks in my hair, red, light brown, back to black

If you've been following my blog you know I colored a section of my hair late last Summer
first with a box color then my cousin bleached it. Check out that post here

CrystalAfro posed a question yesterday on tips for the "healthiest way to add color"
She must be in my head!

Right on time! So ladies if you're looking to venture into the realm of hair color, take heed to that!
I really can't wait to color my hair. Now the next question is, 
Will I do my whole head or just the section? Hmm...

What are your thoughts on hair color? Plan on switching it up for the summer?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Product Alert!!!

Hey Lovelies!
Today is a new day and I've been hopped on coffee (Jamaican Blue Mountain to be exact)
researching my family tree.
Throwback Thursday much?

Anyhoo in between the researching, I was on my social media tip
and saw Elle of A Quest For The Perfect Curl ask if anyone is gonna try Miss Jessie's new product
Hold the phone y'all. Miss Jessie's done gone all brand new and made a gel
Jelly Soft Curls

The site says
A man on the moon.  Stay-on lipstick.  Fat-free ice cream.  At one time, all these things seemed impossible, but they all exist now.  Finally, you can add Miss Jessie’s innovative Jelly Soft Curls hair gel to the list of impossible things – now, made possible!  That’s right, Jelly Soft Curls is your next must-have styler because it is specifically designed to leave your curls touchably soft and crunch free while at the same time giving your curls the shine and hold that you love.  Don’t believe it?  Try it! 

Nah go lie... I'm curious. I wanna try it. I blame the Pretty in Pink packaging.
I'm still on the quest for wash n go styling products. I can dig their Curly Meringue.
If y'all haven't seen my Compare & Contrast on the Curly Pudding & Curly Meringue from them
Hop over to my YouTube channel & check it out!

I wanna try it. AND it's $14! (special introductory price)
Miss Jessie's must be feeling that Spring Breeze!
I would love to compare this with their Pillow Soft Curls which I have yet to try.

What do you guys think? Anyone interested or does Miss Jessie's get the side eye yet again?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daily Fix of Hair

Today's fix is in film form of British singer Laura Mvula
Her sound is amazing and if you don't know about her

Her face was plastered all over the London Underground for her album
rightly so.

Great vid for Spring. I love the greenery, the flowy dresses and the pastels.
Of course I'm loving Laura's low cut. I'm slightly envious of chicks that can rock those super low fades
Check out the visuals below for "Green Garden" and do Enjoy =)

Spring on over to Youtube

Hiya Lovelies!
I think it's officially Spring now :)
England (where I live at least) has been bright and the temp has dropped.
Sing praises to Jesus! I love the cold but it was getting a bit old..
Like that 56 yr old grandmama in the club..
Boo you needed to go!

Anyhoo I have a new vid up on Youtube
dubbed Cinni's Compare & Contrast where I review 2 similar products
I did it with the Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding & Meringue
and now almost every naturalista's fav conditioners
Tresemme Naturals!
Do check it out and subscribe :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daily Fix of Hair

Today's fix is of Ari Lennox
Check out her MANE-ly Speaking on the blog HERE

Check out her fro + her song "La La La La" that is a banger!
Enjoy =)

MANE-ly Speaking - ARI LENNOX

Hey Lovelies! So excited to bring you this mash up of MANE-ly Speaking & Artiste Spotlight
Never been done before!
I'm pleased as punch that I got to interview the talented Ari Lennox
I came across her on YouTube and was blown away by her aura and her hair!!
Her curly fro is sickkkk as is her voice. Enough of the intro.
Get into it.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Artiste Spotlight - Bullet to Knowhere

Today's spotlight is on Bullet to Knowhere.
This dynamic duo hails from the Sunny South Florida.
TonyG & iSeemBlack are gentlemen who seek to provide a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop community.

TonyG & ISeemBlack
Photography by Allison Miché

                  They've been releasing material over the past couple of years in the form of mixtapes
and are currently in the works for their latest 'Am I Cool Yet'

I bring you visuals for one of the songs off the tape called "Gettin High"
Get into it.
Oh & I'm in the video :-)

Enjoy =)