Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Twisted It Up

Greetings & Salutations all.

in an attempt to post more about my hair & what I do to it
here is this post.

I decided to put my hair in twists to give it a break from styling.
I've had these in for about a week now. the goal is to have them in for 2 weeks..
Looking kinda slim. They're already frizzy & I miss the loose hair :-|

Here are pics from the twisting process.
courtesy of my webcam.
I took better quality pics for y'all which will be in another post

it's twisting time!

i'm so excited

let's drop some eco styler up in dis joint

KBB Creamylicious came along for da ride

look back at it.

my "I don't care to part or sit here for 59 hrs face" 

no cares given to the back

Steebie J face on Morphine


tried a lil sumn sumn