Friday, April 19, 2013

Colo(u)r Tips

So following from yesterday's rant about Hair Colo(u)r
thought I would give some tips for those thinking about diving into the pool of color.
I am not a professional hair expert, stylist or guru. Just a gal sharing what has worked for her.

Before Coloring

 *Assess the condition of your hair
Since coloring the hair involves some form of chemicals, you want to make sure your mane is in tip-top shape beforehand. 
Check to see if there is significant breakage and split ends.
 Trim those damaged ends (if you have any)

*Strengthen hair
Do a protein treatment the wash before you decide to color it. 

*Decide if you want to do it yourself or get it done professionally.
If you're scared, I say go to a professional. If you're ballsy & on a budget, get a box color. 
If you know someone who has colored their own hair before, ask them to help you out!

After Coloring

This is a given but you need to pay attention to it even more than before.

*Deep Condition Regularly
Once a week is good enough but amp up your deep conditioner with oils.
See posts on homemade DC's here & here.

*Incorporate Protein into your Hair Regimen
I know some ladies are protein sensitive but your colored tresses need more protein now since the hair is weaker.
 Look for leave-ins with proteins (I've been using Mixed Silk Leave In which is now discontinued *bawls*) 
or deep condition weekly with a light protein conditioner like Aubrey Organics GPB or a homemade one. 

Having color treated hair isn't a death sentence for healthy hair or length retention.
It's a great way to mix it up now and again but neglect is a huge no-no!
Bleaching can be done but again, on healthy hair and get someone who is skilled to do it.
The section of my hair is bleached on top of a box color.. my hair has not broken off or dropped off my scalp.

Happy Colo(u)ring!


  1. I'm doing a full head of colour next week and I just happened to see this post on my dashboard...I already knew most things but this reaffirmed that I know what I'll be doing lol..cheers x