Thursday, January 26, 2012

Daily Fix of Hair

Model Cindy Wright
Photography Unknown

Clean an Out!

Guest blogger Shonique D. Thomas of She is a student at the University of Florida currently studying Marketing. Shonique has a passion for fashion so her posts will be fashion oriented. 

Out With The Old .. 
Broad Belts - It’s the age of the skinny! Broad belts ran its course, in my opinion. The skinny belt makes one’s waist look slimmer and makes for a more refined silhouette. Also, often times the broad belt is incorrectly worn and makes the outfit look sloppy and I daresay tacky!
Feather Earrings – It’s as simple as, I am over it! People completely abused this trend. They paired it with absolutely any and everything. Accessories are suppose to ADD to an outfit, and if it is not doing that, MINUS it!
Stripe Bodycon Skirt –Just about everyone owns a stripe bodycon skirt (navy blue or black), and I’m a little tired of it now. It is almost always worn with a mere tank top, when one can have so much more fun with it! I would like to see it being worn in different ways, such as combining it with another print, which is risky but when done right can look amazing, or by making use of the bold stripes by making it the key piece in a navy sailor themed outfit.
Animal Print Dresses – The animal print trend is one of my favorites and I expect it to be around for years to come. It is one of those timeless, classic closet pieces that is always trendy and always in style. However, I am VERY tired of animal print DRESSES. I would love to see the print being incorporated in outfits in different, more unconventional ways. Just about every item of fashion comes available in animal print, so there is a wide variety to choose from. I hope to see animal print being worn in more creative ways this year.
In With The New !
Pants – I would LOVE to see more pants this year – pants, not jeans. Pants made of materials other than denim. Fashion has been slowly taking on a Eurocentric appeal, which is a more refined style of dress. I have been seeing a lot of linen pants, and I expect to see this year’s trends continue to progress in that direction.

Layering – I absolutely love layering, but it is not an easy trend to perfect.  It can be quite challenging finding that perfect combination of colors and lengths that complete an outfit. It is an amazing way to stay warm and chic at the same time. Lately, I’ve been seeing more untraditional versions of layering. The possibilities are truly endless – you can have a lot of fun with this trend!

Colorblocking – This trend was introduced last year, and I really hope to see much more of it this year. I absolutely love the bold colors, but I would advise one to stick to three colors max to avoid being an eye sore. If you’re afraid of all the colors then you can tone down the outfit with neutral colors. 

Androgynous Dressing – This is the trend that I am most excited about, and you will see a lot of it this year. Women have been flirting with men’s wardrobe all season, and it has finally peaked. The key is to maintain a level of femininity to an otherwise masculine outfit. To get your feet wet try a boyfriend blazer, tuxedo jacket, or bow tie.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Daily Fix of Hair


Happy New Year Lovelies!

Totally late yes I know. We're almost halfway into the month & I pop out of nowhere with a stale New Year greeting. Better late than never ye?

I was enjoying the last bit of my vacay in FL.. now back in the UK and desperately trying to get used to the time difference. Kinda sucks since I got used to 2 weeks before I departed for FL.
Other than that, 2012 is going great!

I got my hair straightened by my cousin. She offered to do it for me since she always straightens her own natural hair herself so I gladly accepted. It's been lasting for about a week now. I did use the Carol's Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Collection for it.. review coming soon.

In the meantime check out the pics from the process after the jump..