Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New New

Ayyyeee I have 5 followers now!

I know that isn't much to some but to me that means the world so all the love to my followers =)

Come 2011, I should have a good idea of how my blog will be run, trying to get a lil bit more structure in it.

Anyhoo, in celebration of my 5 followers, I decided to give my blog a makeover.
Hope you like. You can always post your comments on the new layout..if you like, don't like it and so on.

I appreciate feedback! I appreciate comments and such. Lets me know some one out there is reading =)

Nat P.

In honor of my Black Swan viewing, here is Natalie Portman in V magazine & Vogue January 2011.
These show the 2 sides she portrayed in Black Swan.
The Vogue issue shows the White Swan side while V magazine shows the Black Swan.
Notice also Vogue/V? Coincidence? Hmm...

White Swan shot by Peter Lindbergh


Black Swan shot by Mario Testino

Lil Update

Ello all!

I've been having a very Merry holiday thus far. Been a bit on the chill side really, literally & figuratively.. kinda happy kinda not bout that. I wanted to do more but I've done enough that I'm happy with.

For my Christmas gift, my sister took me to go see the Nutcracker Ballet. I had never seen it live before so I was very excited. Absolutely loved it! It was done by the Miami City Ballet so we had a night on the town


We also went and saw Black Swan starring Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis. It was a ballet filled time for us which is just fitting because we're dancers :)
That movie is so intense and a lil disturbing but I loved it. That will be added to my DVD collection. The cinematography of it was just beautiful, wonderful.. list goes on.


AAHHH!! I'm so happy I get to post from my lappy. I'll still be a lil MIA but suh it go.

Here are pics from my Orlando Christmas vacay

Enjoy =)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Merry Christmas to all out there! Hope everyone is enjoying there holidays. I'm currently chilling in Orlando with my family =) Be safe!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


So after 2 weeks of being at school for no reason really except to work


okay so I went home last weekend but I had to come back but now I'm leaving for my break, yaaay!

Plan : To do things.
Very vague but when I say do things I mean stuff that are memorable. I need to do things other than watching movies and reading.. i.e. I need to get out of my house and every chance possible this break.
I'll be pulling out the trusty ol' bicycle and riding to places. Mind you, idk how far I'll go because I'm smack dab in the middle of suburbia -.-

I'll work with what I've got.
I'm very excited to get out of this place though. Its been a an awful routine of sleeping in, getting up, making tv dinners (bleh i know) and then heading off to work. Tv shows have been there in the mix.
Decided to watch Season 4 of Girlfriends. Can you say love that show because I can =)

I pray I don't get all bump this and stay in my own world thing for my holidays because that's uber lame.
I need to scream.

Next week is Christmas and I get to spend time with family I haven't seen in a quite a bit so woohoo!

What are your holiday plans?

Daily Fix of Hair

Peter Dean Rickards- Afflicted Yard
check out the rest HERE

Music & Her

I've been slacking on posts, well because I've been either at work lost in my world and music

or the bed in my dorm room locked away in my world.

Back to Reality.

So I'm sharing with y'all an artiste by the name of Eva Hype.
Eva Hype is a Jamaican artiste who deejays (not really a rapper)
I first heard about him in August when I was in Jamaica visiting my friends. My bestie works with a video production company called JayFresh, and they were in the process of planning his music video.

I really really like his music. One day while being at work, I sat down and listened to his mixtape entitled Music & Her. It has a chill, mello vibe and of course as the name implies, is about a Her.

Fav Tracks
"Lovers Go"
"Hello Heartbeat"

Download the mixtape here & take a listen

& watch the video for Lovers Go.. Enjoy =)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Little Bird Say Bye

I need to get out of this little box I seem to be in.

2010 has completely sprinted by and I'm wondering what do I have to show 2011?
This isn't a depressed rant or anything, I'm just seriously wondering...

Its been an interesting year to say the least with the randomness of sorts that has occurred but it all dwindled down a bit when fall arrived. I need want a burst of excitement.
I think that is a little problem of mine. I tend to want these little bits of excitements at intervals of my life.
Why? Well because who doesn't like excitement?

I guess I should go out and seek it because if I wait for it to find me, it'll be Spring 2011.
I've been heavily debating trodding off to a foreign country by myself for a bit but it isn't as easy as it sounds.
I have school, work and priorities that have to be taken care of before I can do that.
Also taking a trip requires a good amount of funds which I'm sure I can attain but I normally find other ways to spend money, another little problem of mine.

So my thing for 2011 since 2010 is about to kick the bucket:


Yes, my life is a movie and I'm the lead role. Act accordingly.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I have more to share! Lol. I just came across this piece for the December/January issue of Interview Magazine shot by Steven Pan.

The pics feature Elle Fanning, sister of Dakota Fanning. Elle has been making a name for herself over the years but hasn't gained the uber fame like her. These pics show the shine of a true star.

Watch out for her!
P.S. her hair-adore.

Daily Fix of Hair


I've been missing a bit due to sheer laziness. I'm heading home today -insert shouts of glee- but only for the weekend, I have to come back to school for work and to transfer dorms.
tis fine i get to go hoooommeeee!

I probably won't be blogging from home so I'm gonna leave you with a few things for the weekend.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tank Tick to the Boom

Its been a late start for me today..well sorta. I slept in after I got off of work.

While I was at work though, I was browsing Youtube for Jamaican Christmas Songs to be festive at the desk.

I came upon Boney M. I know their music but never really paid attention to them because well I was probably around 5 or 6 and shaking my lil butt butt to their disco catchy tunes.
They are a group that started out in the 70's and fall into the disco genre. I'm sure some of their records are floating around in Goodwills across the land as I type this.

Well their whole style totally brightened my morning a bit especially the guy in the group. He held it down!

Rocking the fros bwoy!

Enjoy a lil piece from them =)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Behind The Scenes- Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

the Vicky S fashion show was some days ago and for some that marks the start of the Christmas season

the fantastically built Angels strutted the runway in a variety of delectable lingerie and out of this world wings.

here are some behind the scenes pics of the show shot by Daniella Reich for Models.com
i think these pics ooze old school glam. What do you think?

Say What?!

Daily Fix of Hair

This is a chick known in the net world as Cali B of ChiselleCouture.

I'm just wanna know, where the smack dab did she go?!
I always enjoyed her vids. Sigh.
Anyhoo take in her lovely hair. Mind you, last I checked she had cut it but so what? Still lovely.

Enjoy =)


(via thesupreen)

(via thesupreen-deactivated20100707-)


Top of the day to all!

Hope this week has started off wonderful for you all and if it hasn't, I pray that it gets better.
Well, I've been spending my time sleeping, dreaming,dreaming and reading. Wonderful don't it?
I know, I want something more to do so I figured that would be more time with God which is a given and more time into my blog.

I have the time now so why not? I want quality material to present to you guys so bear with me as I'm figuring out the kinks of this whole blogging thing.

So yeah as I said I've been dreaming.
My dreams last night, like seriously I'm wondering what the heck is up with my mind?

& there's a person who keeps making appearances like Samuel L. Jackson... always gotta be in something.

Let's see what tonight holds for me. Wait I won't even be sleeping for long because I have work at 5 AM.

Anyone wanna hit me up at that time feel free.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Daily Fix of Hair

Today's fix is courtesy of my cousin who designs swimsuits.
Keva by Keva J.

The pics are from an editorial shoot showcasing pieces from two different collections.

The model's hair may not be real but who cares?! I love the style.

Enjoy =)


Its a celebration cuz I'm done with school!

Lets Just Celebrate...
Been bumping this since I watched Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business on Vh1 last night.

Enjoy =)


So its Finals Week all about the country at universities and colleges.

I've been done with mine from last week (YAY!) but I still wanted to indulge in the "festivities".
Because of my finals, my reading of Mrs. Dalloway got put aside *sadface* so I thought you know what, lets go to the library and read it.

Yeah... with my Starbucks in tow I went searching for a spot to indulge in my chocolaty goodness and to get lost in the British High Society in bookland #fail.
I'm currently typing from the floor in between the book stacks. Its packed!!!
You would think its the club on a friday night, ladies and gents free all night drinks inclusive.

I see y'all though getting your studying on. Big Up Yourself

hehe got CurlyNikki open on the lappy ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

$$We R$$

Got Jesus on my necklace

I’ve got that glitter on my eyes

Stockings ripped all up the side

Ke$ha - We R Who We R .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Bow Tastic

Tis The Season

I love the fact that I'm up before 1 pm on a weekend.
I spent Saturday in my bed, dreaming dreaming and dreaming.

My dream world is so weird. I dreamt someone wanted to kill me with a sword and we were on a sandy dune..then at some other times a bomb went off somewhere and it was a Hello Kitty watch. Go figure.
My dreams always tend to have some form of danger in there. Eh, maybe I'm yearning for some excitement.

But its December! I'm so excited. I love Christmas time. Always has a hint of magic in the air.
Its more magical in Jamaica but hey, I'm in S. FL so I'll make do.

Crismus Breeze already ah blow and lights everywhere ... ah the Holidays
Sequins, Glitter, Wreaths and Hot Cocoa Yum!

this pic reminds me of my Fab Cuz Safiya who I'll be seeing this Christmas along with her sisters Keya & Kisha.

Christmas time = Family Joy!

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Shoes!

So you know who went on a hunt for the shoes in the Indigo Charlie vid in the previous post.

I found them!!!! They are now officially on my Christmas Wish List. Anyone who wishes to say
"Hey Cinni, I'm feeling kind and generous..I'll buy." then proceed =)

Found them on UniqueVintage.com <--- click and check it out.

The company that makes them also makes these Dorothy Stripperella Shoes I adore..

I'm sure you wouldn't have to click your heels 3 times for someone to take you home in them ;)
That comes in a variety of colors and also rhinestones.

haha oh dear.