Friday, March 28, 2014

Root 2 Tip Review - Scalp Hydration Serum

                      £8.99 on Paks Website 

Hello Lovelies!
Here's my review of Root 2 Tip Scalp Hydration Serum.
It promotes hair growth and aids in relieving dandruff and eczema.

I was curious yet not that elated when I saw this product in my package. Reason being, I'm not one for oiling my scalp. Yes I have eczema and it greatly affects my scalp but I've found no significant help in doing it. Sometimes it tends to irritate it even more. So onto this serum,

The ingredients are lovely. 
It contains
-coconut oil
-castor oil
- rosemary
They seem like the perfect combination of scalp goodies if that makes sense to you. First time I used it, I used it after styling my freshly washed & styled hair. In the week, my scalp was itching me. I don't normally have that issue until 7 days in so I was concerned. After that I didn't use it on. Y whole scalp. It could be due to the coconut oil. As much as I love coconut oil for my hair, I've noticed that it irritates my scalp at moments. This was no different. I have used it a couple of hours before washing my hair as part of a prepoo and I like it best that way. It helps to loosen any flakes and feels as if it's stimulating my hair follicles. Could just be me.

I wouldn't purchase it due to the coconut oil bugging my scalp and because I'm not a scalp oiler (is that a word?) I know numerous people who have success with coconut oil on their scalps so those out there I would still recommend it. If coconut oil is not your scalp's friend, don't. This serum is also great for sealing in the winter due to the castor oil.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Artiste Spotlight - Ella Eyre

Today's spotlight is on Ella Eyre


So if you've been following for a bit, you know I have a thing for singers who have an out of this world, soulful voice. You would also know that a lot of them I shine the spotlight on tend to arise from the British soil. Seriously.. what is it with them?! Is it the talent combined with the accent? It can't be the water because I've been drinking (I've been drinking) it for couple years now and my voice ain't there. Anyways Ella.. *swoons*
Her hair is so lion-esque I can't stand it. Love the color.


BUT HER VOICE!!!!!!!!! I can get lost in it for hours. She started out doing bits and bobs with Rudimental. Search for some of their collabs on YouTube. You won't be disappointed. My fav song from her is 'Love Me Like You' off of her EP "Deeper. I'm so happy that I have another singer to add to my listening library AND ..

I'm seeing her live tomorrow *squeals* :)))) So enough rambling from me and get into the goodness that is Ella Eyre.

Enjoy =)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thank You

My best friend messaged me about my previous posts and showed concern.
I saw the comments left on the posts as well and it reminded me that people do read this blog.

I apologize. I tend to forget that after all this time and I don't want to seem inconsiderate or unappreciative to the wonderful people that do read consistently or sporadically.

I wholeheartedly appreciate the support and encouraging words. It is one of those seasons that are trying and I don't want my blog to suffer. I really don't. If I didn't care, I wouldn't have written those posts in the first place. It was one of those moods and I don't regret being transparent in that moment because from that came many kind words.

So thank you .

This goes out to you all!

Fix of Hair

I figured posting a pic of myself and my hair makes up for the lack of posting
and the previous rant post.

in case you were wondering/cared
the hair is a failed braid out.

Fail because my hair didn't dry and
 I wasn't going to work looking like I walked off the set of The Color Purple.

but I rocked it and it worked.
More of a stretched wash n go.

I need would like a vacation.
I'm over uni. Can it be done?
I'm over working at a job that means nothing.
I'm grateful for both, I'm just.. over it all.
We've all been there at some point right?

But no really.. where's my vacation? Sigh.


To say I've been feeling eh towards this blog right now would be an understatement.

Have we seen anything recent from me? No.
Why? I have a life that's happening and it didn't involve updating this space.

I'm unapologetic about it as well.
I love blogs. I love reading them.
I love typing blogposts.

I feel blogs are dying. People don't read that much.
My blog feels like its on a cliff and I'm standing over the edge just taking in the view

I have so many posts in draft form it is ridiculous.
I haven't had the time to take to dedicate to this.
Any free time I have, I rest.

Where is this post going? I don't know.
Felt like sharing this.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Root2Tip Review - Quench My Thirst

Hola :)
I was gifted with products courtesy of Root2Tip - a UK based natural hair care company.
(Thanks Sal! xx)
I've been using these three products for about a month or so now.

In today's post, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Hair Moisturiser Creme (Quench My Thirst)
For some reason, I can't find the Root2Tip website but they sell the products on Paks

retails for £7.49 on Paks
It contains organic shea, red palm fruit oil and coconut milk.

It's marketed as a moisturizer so I used it as a leave in conditioner. How does that make sense?
Well in my world, if it's suppose to moisturize my hair, I can use it as a leave in.
It looks thick and creamy but applying it feels light. So strange to me. Almost as if I wasn't applying anything. Probably due to my hair being more on the wet side. This would probably work better on damp hair. I trudged though and sealed with almond oil. 

The hold was medium as stated. Hair was amazingly soft. These pics are from the first time I used it.
I waited til I used it again to review it and I must say I love it.

My hair has been out and about in the wintery air and retained its moisture.
I've gone 2 weeks without redoing my hair because it hasn't been dry.
I'm curious to how it would hold up in South Florida's weather...

Anyways this is a great product and it's British! American brands tend to get the shine but over on this side of the pond has great products as well.

I would purchase this product.
The way my hair felt after a week was great! Just it and an oil.

Look out for the reviews on the other two products