Friday, March 28, 2014

Root 2 Tip Review - Scalp Hydration Serum

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Hello Lovelies!
Here's my review of Root 2 Tip Scalp Hydration Serum.
It promotes hair growth and aids in relieving dandruff and eczema.

I was curious yet not that elated when I saw this product in my package. Reason being, I'm not one for oiling my scalp. Yes I have eczema and it greatly affects my scalp but I've found no significant help in doing it. Sometimes it tends to irritate it even more. So onto this serum,

The ingredients are lovely. 
It contains
-coconut oil
-castor oil
- rosemary
They seem like the perfect combination of scalp goodies if that makes sense to you. First time I used it, I used it after styling my freshly washed & styled hair. In the week, my scalp was itching me. I don't normally have that issue until 7 days in so I was concerned. After that I didn't use it on. Y whole scalp. It could be due to the coconut oil. As much as I love coconut oil for my hair, I've noticed that it irritates my scalp at moments. This was no different. I have used it a couple of hours before washing my hair as part of a prepoo and I like it best that way. It helps to loosen any flakes and feels as if it's stimulating my hair follicles. Could just be me.

I wouldn't purchase it due to the coconut oil bugging my scalp and because I'm not a scalp oiler (is that a word?) I know numerous people who have success with coconut oil on their scalps so those out there I would still recommend it. If coconut oil is not your scalp's friend, don't. This serum is also great for sealing in the winter due to the castor oil.

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