Monday, March 3, 2014

Root2Tip Review - Quench My Thirst

Hola :)
I was gifted with products courtesy of Root2Tip - a UK based natural hair care company.
(Thanks Sal! xx)
I've been using these three products for about a month or so now.

In today's post, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Hair Moisturiser Creme (Quench My Thirst)
For some reason, I can't find the Root2Tip website but they sell the products on Paks

retails for £7.49 on Paks
It contains organic shea, red palm fruit oil and coconut milk.

It's marketed as a moisturizer so I used it as a leave in conditioner. How does that make sense?
Well in my world, if it's suppose to moisturize my hair, I can use it as a leave in.
It looks thick and creamy but applying it feels light. So strange to me. Almost as if I wasn't applying anything. Probably due to my hair being more on the wet side. This would probably work better on damp hair. I trudged though and sealed with almond oil. 

The hold was medium as stated. Hair was amazingly soft. These pics are from the first time I used it.
I waited til I used it again to review it and I must say I love it.

My hair has been out and about in the wintery air and retained its moisture.
I've gone 2 weeks without redoing my hair because it hasn't been dry.
I'm curious to how it would hold up in South Florida's weather...

Anyways this is a great product and it's British! American brands tend to get the shine but over on this side of the pond has great products as well.

I would purchase this product.
The way my hair felt after a week was great! Just it and an oil.

Look out for the reviews on the other two products

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