Thursday, March 20, 2014

Artiste Spotlight - Ella Eyre

Today's spotlight is on Ella Eyre


So if you've been following for a bit, you know I have a thing for singers who have an out of this world, soulful voice. You would also know that a lot of them I shine the spotlight on tend to arise from the British soil. Seriously.. what is it with them?! Is it the talent combined with the accent? It can't be the water because I've been drinking (I've been drinking) it for couple years now and my voice ain't there. Anyways Ella.. *swoons*
Her hair is so lion-esque I can't stand it. Love the color.


BUT HER VOICE!!!!!!!!! I can get lost in it for hours. She started out doing bits and bobs with Rudimental. Search for some of their collabs on YouTube. You won't be disappointed. My fav song from her is 'Love Me Like You' off of her EP "Deeper. I'm so happy that I have another singer to add to my listening library AND ..

I'm seeing her live tomorrow *squeals* :)))) So enough rambling from me and get into the goodness that is Ella Eyre.

Enjoy =)

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  1. Thank you for this post! Now I have another UK diva to "stan" for :)