Monday, July 28, 2014

Artiste Spotlight - Seinabo Sey

Today's spotlight is on Seinabo Sey
A singer that hails from Sweden.
I think I have a fascination with singers from the continent of Europe.
Their vibe and tone of voice is just exceptional.

I came across her music on Spotify. 
I have an infatuation with the related artistes tab and my affair tends to give me gems.
Seinabo Sey being one of them.
Her discography is small at the current moment with Younger and Hard Time 
[the latter I absolutely adore]

then this Swedish Soul is one you should be tuned into.If you like the sounds of Disclosure, Banks or Maipei
Peep my fav Hard Time below.

Enjoy =)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

MY HAIR - Blonde Marley Twists

Greetings Lovelies!
Where is Summer going? Felt like it just started. I'm a bit sad about it :'(
I did do something "summery" last week by going to camp! No, not as a camper but a counsellor.
It was soooo good. I enjoyed my time :)

Now I didn't want to be bothered with my hair at camp so enter in the Marley Twists.
I've wanted to do this for some time now but hair in the UK was just ridiculously expensive so I didn't but clearly now I did :)
My sister actually did them for me. I did try.. but fail. Thank God for my sissy!

I washed my hair as normal but this time I used Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave In Conditioner and sealed with Jojoba Oil.
I put my hair in 6-8 braids to dry over night. The next day I rocked a braid out and then my sis proceeded to do my hair.
I bought 4 packs of Bobbi Boss Jamaica Braid Hair in #27.
We started late Saturday night and finished it the following day after church.
To hold the twists, we used the
Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer + Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel 

I'd like to think I was on my Solange meets Bey vibe. 

I'm still rocking these twists. Almost two weeks.
Gonna say bye to them real soon though because, scalp.

Any protective styling for the summer?

ME, Myself and.. Imperfection

As much of a non-Yonce fan that I am, I realize some of her song lyrics spur on numerous thoughts in my head when it comes to myself and life.
Take for instances, Me Myself and I.
A popular saying that I use to reference myself instead of just saying me.

 I thought of the last part.. and I.
What words start with I that reflect pieces of me I love to show or bits I like to tuck away?
So for that - today's word is Imperfect.

Perfection. A state a lot of us aim for or think we've attained. I hear the word perfect used frequently in the natural hair 'sphere. The perfect twist out, the perfect wash n go. So many posts and videos with these titles that lure women in and telling them how to achieve the "perfect" do.

I tend to steer away from these #noshade .. I'm not looking for perfection when it comes to my hair. It makes me feel as if something is inherently wrong with me. What's wrong with the way I'm doing my twists? What makes the way you do something perfect compared to how I do? How do we define perfect when it comes to hair?

Sleek, shiny and frizz free. Controlled. Defined. (I guess)
Eh. I rather not devote more time then I already do to my hair. Ain't nobody got time for that!

I also think it feeds into the stigma some women deal with of not being good enough. What I do or what I have isn't good enough. I'm not saying one shouldn't have goals and try to better themselves but in this world, nothing is perfect. 
No one is perfect

 I am imperfect. That doesn't sound affirming at all but it's  something I need to remind myself of daily in this race of life. When I trip over myself multiple times.  Punishing myself over and over for stupid mistakes. The times I don't get it -school, work, my kinks & curls- "right".

I don't need my hair to be perfect. Wasn't it the same Bey who once said something about flaws and all but now women feel they need to "wake up like this #flawless". I also realize I won't achieve perfection in this lifetime but I can still keep on keeping on and get better at everything.

Give me my messy, frizzy mane on this imperfect shell of mine. That's so perfect to me. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

MY HAIR - Ombré Effect

So I talked about wanting to go blonde for the summer and here it is!
Well kind of..
I wanted an ombré effect because well.. I like how it looks. All over head color without it being my whole head.
My first attempt was with L'oreal Excellence Extreme Blonde in B1. It didn't do much. It brought it to a brown color on my ends.
The second attempt which is pictured here was done with Clairol Textures & Tones in Honey Blonde.
I colored it a week after trying the first time.

It's not the blonde I want and I might do a third attempt at some point.
For now I'm giving my hair a break.
Watch my second attempt below and do subscribe to my channel if you're not already :)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Addressing Change

a draft post that should have been published.

Change is inevitable. Nothing is the same except change. Change is constant but not consistent. Change brings about known and the unknown together in a weird dance that is hard to comprehend. When the seasons change, people follow suit. Summer is upon us and many people are making changes. Changes in their wardrobe, hair color choices and things that are a bit deeper.

I've been thinking about changing my hair color yet again because well I like doing that. Summer awakens a desire to go lighter and this time I want to do full blonde. Completely different yet not really as I've done blonde on more than one occasion. Maybe I want to do it to signal a bigger change that is occurring right now in my life.

I just graduated from university and even though years from now this probably won't be the most significant change, it's the close of a chapter. It is the signaling of something new. Moving back home after living in a different culture and climate will be change. Even though I'm going back to something familiar, in a sense I'm not. I've changed so "home" is different. This new accreditation I have does not guarantee me anything back home. Anyone who has pursued a degree in the creative arts knows that unless you're living somewhere that is a cultural hub, you might be doing work that has NOTHING to do with what you studied. The hustle becomes real. So does the struggle.

I wish I could say I'm scared but I'm not. This calm I have about this change is weird. I've been anticipating it for sometime now. I welcome change, if one doesn't embrace change they don't embrace life. What kind of life are you living where you're afraid of change? Where you resist change... sounds like death.

A new job, home, friend, country - all exciting and scary wrapped in one. But it's change.
Embrace it. Explore it. Enjoy it.