Thursday, July 24, 2014

ME, Myself and.. Imperfection

As much of a non-Yonce fan that I am, I realize some of her song lyrics spur on numerous thoughts in my head when it comes to myself and life.
Take for instances, Me Myself and I.
A popular saying that I use to reference myself instead of just saying me.

 I thought of the last part.. and I.
What words start with I that reflect pieces of me I love to show or bits I like to tuck away?
So for that - today's word is Imperfect.

Perfection. A state a lot of us aim for or think we've attained. I hear the word perfect used frequently in the natural hair 'sphere. The perfect twist out, the perfect wash n go. So many posts and videos with these titles that lure women in and telling them how to achieve the "perfect" do.

I tend to steer away from these #noshade .. I'm not looking for perfection when it comes to my hair. It makes me feel as if something is inherently wrong with me. What's wrong with the way I'm doing my twists? What makes the way you do something perfect compared to how I do? How do we define perfect when it comes to hair?

Sleek, shiny and frizz free. Controlled. Defined. (I guess)
Eh. I rather not devote more time then I already do to my hair. Ain't nobody got time for that!

I also think it feeds into the stigma some women deal with of not being good enough. What I do or what I have isn't good enough. I'm not saying one shouldn't have goals and try to better themselves but in this world, nothing is perfect. 
No one is perfect

 I am imperfect. That doesn't sound affirming at all but it's  something I need to remind myself of daily in this race of life. When I trip over myself multiple times.  Punishing myself over and over for stupid mistakes. The times I don't get it -school, work, my kinks & curls- "right".

I don't need my hair to be perfect. Wasn't it the same Bey who once said something about flaws and all but now women feel they need to "wake up like this #flawless". I also realize I won't achieve perfection in this lifetime but I can still keep on keeping on and get better at everything.

Give me my messy, frizzy mane on this imperfect shell of mine. That's so perfect to me. 

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