Monday, July 7, 2014

Addressing Change

a draft post that should have been published.

Change is inevitable. Nothing is the same except change. Change is constant but not consistent. Change brings about known and the unknown together in a weird dance that is hard to comprehend. When the seasons change, people follow suit. Summer is upon us and many people are making changes. Changes in their wardrobe, hair color choices and things that are a bit deeper.

I've been thinking about changing my hair color yet again because well I like doing that. Summer awakens a desire to go lighter and this time I want to do full blonde. Completely different yet not really as I've done blonde on more than one occasion. Maybe I want to do it to signal a bigger change that is occurring right now in my life.

I just graduated from university and even though years from now this probably won't be the most significant change, it's the close of a chapter. It is the signaling of something new. Moving back home after living in a different culture and climate will be change. Even though I'm going back to something familiar, in a sense I'm not. I've changed so "home" is different. This new accreditation I have does not guarantee me anything back home. Anyone who has pursued a degree in the creative arts knows that unless you're living somewhere that is a cultural hub, you might be doing work that has NOTHING to do with what you studied. The hustle becomes real. So does the struggle.

I wish I could say I'm scared but I'm not. This calm I have about this change is weird. I've been anticipating it for sometime now. I welcome change, if one doesn't embrace change they don't embrace life. What kind of life are you living where you're afraid of change? Where you resist change... sounds like death.

A new job, home, friend, country - all exciting and scary wrapped in one. But it's change.
Embrace it. Explore it. Enjoy it.

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