Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blowout Business

Alo Lovelies!
Almost two weeks ago, I decided to attempt to straighten my hair.
Didn't come out as I wanted to (all sleek and LAID)
but such is life.

I used the Carol's Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Collection
because it's really the only set of products I trust when heat will be applied to my hair.
Check out my review I did of it way back when here.

I did shampoo first with Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo to clarify
then the Smoothing Shampoo.

Y'all know this struggle!
There was so much product left that would not squeeze out so
the scissors came out to play and viola!
easy access.
I detangled and deep conditioned with the conditioner for about 30 mins.
then I proceeded to blow dry my hair only using the blow dry cream.
I then flat ironed my hair at 370ยบ
I really should have done smaller sections and whatnot but it was late.
The whole process took at least 6 hours. AT LEAST.
Never again. I will let someone else do it for me.
Comes out nicer anyways.

I'll show y'all a proper length pic soon.
Because, more posts.
The curls are back though!

Anyways, do you do blow outs often?


  1. Only twice since I've been natural, i believe.

  2. I recently did a blowout for the first time using the same products. They work but I had the same results. I felt like I wasted my time and I prefer my curls anyway.

    1. It can get smoother with them - I linked a post when I first used them. Someone else did my hair though. I prefer my curls too

  3. Your hair looks SO good!

    I been doing blowouts a lot recently because it really is just easier. My hair flattens out when I sleep at night, so I have to constantly twist or braid my hair at night to set for a style the next day. My scalp has become very tender from all the manipulation, so I just blow-dry to help ease some tension on my scalp.