Sunday, May 4, 2014

Root2Tip Review - Twists & Curls Pudding

The last of the goodies I received from Root2Tip -The Twists & Curls Pudding.
It's touted as a gel-creme formula which is good for setting natural curls, twists & for defining twistouts
Now I was really excited about getting this product. I was eager to see how it would do for a wash n go because y'all know I love me a wash n go.
I loved the ingredients and the thought of using a whipped texture product.
To really gauge a product, I try to use it solo dolo. 

So when I first used it, I co washed then applied a tad bit of avocado oil to seal my hair before using it. It says it is best to use with one of their leave ins which I think would go down better.
My wash n go was a fail. I think it was due to not using a leave in and using way too much of the pudding to compensate for the lack of leave in.
My hair was just greasy, I did way too much and I was disappointed.

hair with Quench My Thirst + Twists and Curls Pudding before styling
Second time I used it with the Quench My Thirst to do a braid n curl. They work so well together! My hair was all yummy feeling for 2 weeks :) I got compliments on my hair as well.

I still wanted to see how it did by itself (kinda sorta) without a playmate from it's own company.
I used it on my last wash day. I used Nature's Gate Aloe Vera Conditioner as a leave in & sealed with Karen's Body Beautiful Heavenly Jojoba Oil. Styled with the Pudding on twists. It was suppose to be an immediate twist out but I didn't want to pull out the twists. My twists looked really good and felt moisturized. They got hella frizzy by the second day but whatever. 
I did a twist out on the fourth day until now. My hair is still soft.

Braid n Curl with the Twists & Curls Pudding

It says to use a little and it's best that way. Too much is really too much. Hair will feel greasy and no bueno. It really helps to keep a style.. I have yet to do it in a wash n go so when I do, I'll post about it.
Would I purchase? Not sure. I need to try again for a WnG because I don't look for stylers to do twists or plaits. I really look for stylers to aid in my WnGs. I would buy off of how great my hair feels after not refreshing for days on end.

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