Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MY HAIR - Finger Coils

So I tried a new style last week - Finger Coils.
Back in the day my mom used to do them on my hair but we called them drop curl
Why? I don't know but drop curl is what I call them.

 I watched ShineStruck's vid and I knew I should have modified how I did it 
but I didn't and started from the front on one side.
Tried to do them chunky.
Yeah no. They didn't hold.
The right side turned out great but the left side was puffy so I had to rock my hair in a way 
where I didn't look lopsided lol.

 Styled with Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue.

I would so try this style again since I got the hang of it on the other side of my head.
I can see this becoming something I do.
Why? I love wearing my hair out and I love the look of it.
Only thing I don't like is I have to wait for it to dry and can't go anywhere while it's setting.

Isn't shrinkage amazing?
This is the day after. I didn't pull them apart so it would last longer.

Ever tried finger coils?

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