Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love what you do

This isn't going to be a rant about you should love what you do.

this is dedicated to my BB. Yes, my Blackberry.
I felt i should write about it because it is such a phenom now. Everyone (well, almost everyone..well a good bunch of people I know exist) has one & rely on it heavily.

I am no exception.
this summer, my BB was my means of tapping into the world outside of me.
funny why not just venture off into the world to see what is happening. well i would if i had the means to.
money, a car, a driver's licence just to name a few.

My BB is one of the things that inspired me to start this blog. I like to type; whether on a computer or on my phone. There is something innate about a QWERTY keyboard that lures me in. I connect with it.
even for school papers (which I loathe) the sound of the keys keep me from totally hurling at the thought of writing something for someone to critique then put what they feel is an appropriate grade on it.*
*that is another post haha

Yeah so anyways I do pretty much everything on my BB except groom, sleep & eat.
I do my daily devotions on it
I tweet from it. Get at meh!
I check my emails
Facebook (eh..kinda) & the list goes on.

I've realized i'm very attached to it. a good friend of mine says it is unhealthy. 
perhaps he's correct :|
When i went to Jamaica for  2 weeks, 2 weeks ago (ha), i couldn't use it.*
*that would be for yet another post grrrr
I ended up using a regular Nokia phone "Flashlight Fone" to be precise. 
Such a downgrade but hey I was grateful for the it.

Its just rather convenient to have a BB for all the wonderful things i can do on it.
Like writing a love poem or saving the world with a BBM.

Anyhoo i must go.
I have class :S

Ta Ta for now
=) Cinni

I may begin.

I've been saying I wanted to blog, especially for the summer that is now no longer. (RIP Summer 2010)
I had no immediate means of internet access. I could have conjured a way to do it on my Blackberry but I didn't.
So since I am back at school with Wi-fi flowing all around me, I said "Hey, why not?"

what will i blog about?
any & everything i feel to.

why? am i hopping on a trend?
well because i want to. the insurgence of blogs is interesting yes but i want to do one because i'm an awfully random creature so i figure why not share some of this randomness with the world.
i may inspire someone to do something great.


i just hit you with some goodness.
so much for my first post.

=) Cinni.