Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I may begin.

I've been saying I wanted to blog, especially for the summer that is now no longer. (RIP Summer 2010)
I had no immediate means of internet access. I could have conjured a way to do it on my Blackberry but I didn't.
So since I am back at school with Wi-fi flowing all around me, I said "Hey, why not?"

what will i blog about?
any & everything i feel to.

why? am i hopping on a trend?
well because i want to. the insurgence of blogs is interesting yes but i want to do one because i'm an awfully random creature so i figure why not share some of this randomness with the world.
i may inspire someone to do something great.


i just hit you with some goodness.
so much for my first post.

=) Cinni.

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