Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daily Fix of Hair


Saturday, January 29, 2011


check it out.
get informed. the world has so much going on.

be knowledgeable.

Week in Pics

I got this keychain at work the other day. A man from India was visiting and staying in the residence hall I work in and he gave it to me. It made my day. I have a little piece of India with me =)                          
 I've been listening to music all week and decided to charge my iPod. I'm going to buy myself a new one pretty soon because this doesn't hold all the stuff I want. It has been good to me though since my 16th birthday so no complaints other than the space. (peep the flag on the screen ;)
 Books currently in my arsenal. The bottom is for class, that has been taking up much of my time so reading the other two are really a privilege. I love the feel of hardcover books, especially those that have been published way before I was thought of. Just makes you wonder, where have they been?
 Another classic of mine I've been putting to use. My trusty leopard tote. I got this bag late 07 for my senior year of high school. Got it for under $20 at Burlington (love that place) and its Nine West. I carry books, clothes, sometimes my laptop in it. It is such a good bag.
My go to snack. I've been munching on these everyday. I also need to re up on my stock. Who doesn't love these bars?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mizz King

I've been in the library for a couple hours now, suppose ot be doing some work but I've been trolling thru the net.
Ended up watching Diana King perform live at the Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival.
This is an awesome annual event thats celebrating tis 15th anniversary. I've never been but I've always wanted to go. They always have a good line up of people and the festival normally runs for three days. Good idea for a vacay- live music and Ja.. cya ask fi nuttin betta.

Diana King is in the list of fave artistes. I've loved her ever since I can remember.
Shy Guy and Li Li Lies are my songs. I would sing these songs at 4/5 years old. Good times.

Her set was siiiiiiccckkk! Her voice is just as eargasmic as ever. Great live performer.
Her interview was also inspiring. She's such a rootsy, true to nature woman. Loved when she said
"I usually perform bare footed"    haha ah my kinda ooman dat still!
She also spoke on the tattoo on her forehead. I always thought it was something she drew on from time to time because in some pics it wasn't there but she said she used to cover it up. It means Strong Woman & to her love yourself. She spoke on how she use to be insecure in her talent back in the days because of how different her voice is & some people didn't like it (how could you not?!) Miss King decided to forget those people (bump the haters) and embraced herself because
"If I don't love myself, who will?"   True Ting Still.

Gotta love her don't it? Diana Mi Love Yu BAD BAD!!!
& she rocks a meaaaaaan low cut.
Here's the video for Li Li Lies.. Enjoy=)
Also check out her website HERE

Daily Fix of Hair - Throwback

If I had a scanner, I would have scanned it.

This is a very personal pic. Tis My Mommy =)
Idk when exactly this was taken, had to be before she was 21 cuz her hair is natural.
Circa late 70's

That was an inspiration pic of mine while I was transitioning and I think I'm there. I was pretty darn close couple months ago so we'll see when I take these twists out.

Enjoy =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Stunning don't it?

Adele Adele Adele. Your voice is rich like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

One of my fav artistes, I feel like anyone can relate to her songs at some point or the other.
She's British too so that just makes her that much more delectable. Well I just had to get my hands on her new album "21"
The sound is different from "19", it has more of a country, rootsy feeling versus the 60's soul pop of the previous album. I love it though. It shows maturity as an artiste but it is still very Adele.
You just know she had to be a side chick at one point in life. Sigh. That Mistress Life.
Reminds me of a British tv show I adore by the name of "Mistresses"

I digress.
You should check it out.

Fave songs from the album
-He Won't Go
-Someone Like You

Check out this video made for MSN Music. Enjoy =)

Model Behavior

Emanuela de Paula, Gorge Brazilian model.

Pics shot by Max Cardelli for Italian Marie Claire

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have a love for baked goods. I have a sweet tooth that loves to rear its pretty lil head almost every second of the day. I mean, whats not to love about a chocolatey delight or savory goodness of something warm from the oven dripping with sweet goodness..

Well I just wanted to showcase a friend of mine's goodies.

Jessica Hylton aka Jessiker has her own company called Jessiker Bakes.
Based in Kingston, Jamaica, she offers an array of treats that's sure to appeal to everyone's senses.

I am hoping she will expand her business to ship worldwide because... I would love some of her stuff :)
I'll just treat myself when I head to Jamaica later this year =)

So if you ever find yourself in that beautiful country I call home or someone you know, tell them about Jessiker Bakes.

Visit her website here and the blog hurrr-- the blog has recipes and pics good enough to eat off the screen!
and follow on Twitter at @jessikerbakes

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hanging In The Balance

check out The Ballerina Project on Facebook.
You can order prints from them.


I'm in a music video. woooo!
Lol. This guy I know by the name of Paul Morris is a Christian rap artiste.
I was at a Christian DJ's Bday Party & he was there, came up to me and asked me to be in his vid.
He was shooting parts of it that night. I decided why not.

It's a good song, nice laid back feel.
 Enjoy =)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Daily Fix of Hair

Some pics of my cousin Monifa and making a guest appearance is her adorable son Mekhi.

Love them =)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This is Mara Hruby's rendition of Bob Marley's "Is This Love."

Not a fan of the remake. Didn't do it justice but I'm biased because I'm a huge Bob fan. You have to come 500% correct and then some when redoing his work. Also Is This Love is my fave song from him.


Mara has a wonderful voice. Very smooth and reminiscent of days gone past.

I'm posting the vid because it is a good video. Her look is very cute and I absolutely love her hair.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Book Meh

I need a book to read. My mind feels restless.

School is in session and I will be reading textbooks but of course those don't count.

I'm going to take a trip to the library tomorrow and pick one up.

Reading Rocks!


So if you've been reading, I've been talking about what I want to do with my blog, what I want to put out there and so on. I really don't want to fall into one category because then a lot would be expected of me. I just want to  blog about things of interest to me but also things of interest to people out there.

I love natural hair blogs, if it wasn't for them idk where I would be in my natural hair journey right now. I love fashion blogs but I won't even bother stepping into that territory. So really, everything will be just random. I'm sticking to that.


I was reading Alice in Nappyland <--- check it out. Love it.
and she posted an article from another site talking about how most natural hair sites are US based and while their information is useful for a wide audience, different issues arise in different countries.
So I was thinking, when I do natural hair posts to try and focus in the Jamaican region. I no longer live there but I want to be of some help. I am unaware of any natural hair blogs based in Jamaica and there are a lot of naturals there.

So if any one out there can be of help or wants to be of help, lemme know!
I welcome input, feedback, etc.

I like pics with posts so there goes one. Lol

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Porsche Thomas

Model Porsche Thomas from England with Jamaican Heritage.

Here are a few pics from an editorial shot by Lindsey Boice <-- click for rest.

P.S. LOVE THE HAIR! Styled by Bethy Mireles. Best believe I'll be trying this.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Such A Mess

I love music. I love film. Put the two together and we have a party going on in my mind!

I'm bringing to you today the music video for "Messing With My Heart Remix" by Wayne Marshall featuring Mavado. Some may know Wayne, others may not. He's a dancehall artiste straight out of Jamaica and has been around for quite some time now. From before I hit puberty actually (lol). Mavado is more known on the international scene due to his song "So Special" and making a cameo in Drake's "Find Your Love" video that was shot in Jamaica.

I like when music videos tell a story that fits the song and I like when a song tells a story also. Its not just simply, oh film this and bam we got the video. I love when there is a lot of thought put into it and you can clearly see that. Directing any form of film, be it movies or music videos to me is a talent. The director of this music video is Storm Saulter. He's Jamaican, of course lol and he is very talented.

I fell in love with the song because of the video. Well enough rambling, Enjoy =)


I did what I needed to do today. Its finally done. Not gonna worry about it but gonna let God do what it do and just chill because I casted my cares upon Him and will not be anxious.

Yes I'm being vague. In due time it'll be known as to what I'm talking about. For now, you can keep me in your prayers.

God Bless!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Been in a lovey dovey mood due to music I been listening to at work.
Thing is, I have no special dude to be all cutesy with. Tis fine though.

Check out Kes featuring Tessanne Chin - "Loving You"
I love the song and the video is pretty cute. Tessanne is one of my fav artistes, her voice is so rich and one of a kind. Kes is really a band out of Trinidad and Kes is the lead. He's cute ;)

Enjoy =)

Flat On My Face

i love you

Fall for your type...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Visual Vomit on Twitter

I was taking a stroll through Twitterland on Ubertwitter (@cinnirox) and happened upon a tweet of RiRi's to a guy named Kenneth Tong. I was curious as to why she mentioned him when talking about girls and weight so I clicked on his timeline.

I wasn't prepared for the crap I saw. I'm probably uber late on this whole thing but his whole thinking is disgusting. Saying size zero is the way to go, pretty much saying food is the devil to a female's thighs and other nasty things. What gets me is that there are females out there who are buying into the things he says.
I know in this society, being a certain size is desirable and girls have had experiences where they feel self conscious about their body but to feed into that and to promote that being a size zero is the way to go for an amazing life is disheartening.

The Tong guy even went further to say that one of his dieters or whatever slept with Drake and if she wasn't thin it wouldn't happen. Ok I'm sorry, didn't know that means one made it in life because they had sex with a successful rapper. So now we're advocating groupies? I mean not surprising from one who promotes and supports "managed anorexia".

I just had to share, it really grinded my gears.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daily Fix of Hair

My hair got finished guys :)

and I promised pics so here ya go

I may cut off a couple inches so that I can put it up easily. My bestie said its "rootsy looking"  which made me happy.  When I look at it from afar, it reminds me of locs :$

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hi there!


Yes I suck at posting. Woe is me..I'm sorry!

I've been enjoying the hours of sleep I've been given since I have yet to return to school.

I'll shall cherish them this week and start to wean my body off it and unto classes once more. Sigh.

Well, I got my hair done! Ok so it isn't finished but it will be in the morning. I decided to get wists and big ish ones at that. It is the first time I have ever put hair in my own hair so this is a milestone for me. I like how it looks so far and I know I'll love the finished product.

I originally wanted braids reminiscent of the ones worn in the 90's but to save time, did the twists instead.

I will mos def post pics of it when its complete.

Here are pics of braids that I wanted done.

Solange took my idea! Lol I kid :P