Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week in Pics

I got this keychain at work the other day. A man from India was visiting and staying in the residence hall I work in and he gave it to me. It made my day. I have a little piece of India with me =)                          
 I've been listening to music all week and decided to charge my iPod. I'm going to buy myself a new one pretty soon because this doesn't hold all the stuff I want. It has been good to me though since my 16th birthday so no complaints other than the space. (peep the flag on the screen ;)
 Books currently in my arsenal. The bottom is for class, that has been taking up much of my time so reading the other two are really a privilege. I love the feel of hardcover books, especially those that have been published way before I was thought of. Just makes you wonder, where have they been?
 Another classic of mine I've been putting to use. My trusty leopard tote. I got this bag late 07 for my senior year of high school. Got it for under $20 at Burlington (love that place) and its Nine West. I carry books, clothes, sometimes my laptop in it. It is such a good bag.
My go to snack. I've been munching on these everyday. I also need to re up on my stock. Who doesn't love these bars?

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