Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hi there!


Yes I suck at posting. Woe is me..I'm sorry!

I've been enjoying the hours of sleep I've been given since I have yet to return to school.

I'll shall cherish them this week and start to wean my body off it and unto classes once more. Sigh.

Well, I got my hair done! Ok so it isn't finished but it will be in the morning. I decided to get wists and big ish ones at that. It is the first time I have ever put hair in my own hair so this is a milestone for me. I like how it looks so far and I know I'll love the finished product.

I originally wanted braids reminiscent of the ones worn in the 90's but to save time, did the twists instead.

I will mos def post pics of it when its complete.

Here are pics of braids that I wanted done.


Solange took my idea! Lol I kid :P

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