Friday, January 7, 2011

Visual Vomit on Twitter

I was taking a stroll through Twitterland on Ubertwitter (@cinnirox) and happened upon a tweet of RiRi's to a guy named Kenneth Tong. I was curious as to why she mentioned him when talking about girls and weight so I clicked on his timeline.

I wasn't prepared for the crap I saw. I'm probably uber late on this whole thing but his whole thinking is disgusting. Saying size zero is the way to go, pretty much saying food is the devil to a female's thighs and other nasty things. What gets me is that there are females out there who are buying into the things he says.
I know in this society, being a certain size is desirable and girls have had experiences where they feel self conscious about their body but to feed into that and to promote that being a size zero is the way to go for an amazing life is disheartening.

The Tong guy even went further to say that one of his dieters or whatever slept with Drake and if she wasn't thin it wouldn't happen. Ok I'm sorry, didn't know that means one made it in life because they had sex with a successful rapper. So now we're advocating groupies? I mean not surprising from one who promotes and supports "managed anorexia".

I just had to share, it really grinded my gears.
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