Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Such A Mess

I love music. I love film. Put the two together and we have a party going on in my mind!

I'm bringing to you today the music video for "Messing With My Heart Remix" by Wayne Marshall featuring Mavado. Some may know Wayne, others may not. He's a dancehall artiste straight out of Jamaica and has been around for quite some time now. From before I hit puberty actually (lol). Mavado is more known on the international scene due to his song "So Special" and making a cameo in Drake's "Find Your Love" video that was shot in Jamaica.

I like when music videos tell a story that fits the song and I like when a song tells a story also. Its not just simply, oh film this and bam we got the video. I love when there is a lot of thought put into it and you can clearly see that. Directing any form of film, be it movies or music videos to me is a talent. The director of this music video is Storm Saulter. He's Jamaican, of course lol and he is very talented.

I fell in love with the song because of the video. Well enough rambling, Enjoy =)

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