Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blowout Business

Alo Lovelies!
Almost two weeks ago, I decided to attempt to straighten my hair.
Didn't come out as I wanted to (all sleek and LAID)
but such is life.

I used the Carol's Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Collection
because it's really the only set of products I trust when heat will be applied to my hair.
Check out my review I did of it way back when here.

I did shampoo first with Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo to clarify
then the Smoothing Shampoo.

Y'all know this struggle!
There was so much product left that would not squeeze out so
the scissors came out to play and viola!
easy access.
I detangled and deep conditioned with the conditioner for about 30 mins.
then I proceeded to blow dry my hair only using the blow dry cream.
I then flat ironed my hair at 370ยบ
I really should have done smaller sections and whatnot but it was late.
The whole process took at least 6 hours. AT LEAST.
Never again. I will let someone else do it for me.
Comes out nicer anyways.

I'll show y'all a proper length pic soon.
Because, more posts.
The curls are back though!

Anyways, do you do blow outs often?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Feelin' Good

Tuesday felt good so I snapped a bunch of selflies.
handed in a portfolio and now I have my dissertation left to finish.
In two weeks, I'll be done.
with uni.

#cray how I started this blog before the journey here
How excited I was at the possibility of going to study in England
this likkle island gyal's dream
& God made it happen.
Now this is coming to a close and I've made such wonderful friends along the way
I appreciate everything and everyone I've encountered while being here

Don't ask what's next because I don't know.
& I'm ok with that.

so yeah, I'm feeling good. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MY HAIR - Finger Coils

So I tried a new style last week - Finger Coils.
Back in the day my mom used to do them on my hair but we called them drop curl
Why? I don't know but drop curl is what I call them.

 I watched ShineStruck's vid and I knew I should have modified how I did it 
but I didn't and started from the front on one side.
Tried to do them chunky.
Yeah no. They didn't hold.
The right side turned out great but the left side was puffy so I had to rock my hair in a way 
where I didn't look lopsided lol.

 Styled with Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue.

I would so try this style again since I got the hang of it on the other side of my head.
I can see this becoming something I do.
Why? I love wearing my hair out and I love the look of it.
Only thing I don't like is I have to wait for it to dry and can't go anywhere while it's setting.

Isn't shrinkage amazing?
This is the day after. I didn't pull them apart so it would last longer.

Ever tried finger coils?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Root2Tip Review - Twists & Curls Pudding

The last of the goodies I received from Root2Tip -The Twists & Curls Pudding.
It's touted as a gel-creme formula which is good for setting natural curls, twists & for defining twistouts
Now I was really excited about getting this product. I was eager to see how it would do for a wash n go because y'all know I love me a wash n go.
I loved the ingredients and the thought of using a whipped texture product.
To really gauge a product, I try to use it solo dolo. 

So when I first used it, I co washed then applied a tad bit of avocado oil to seal my hair before using it. It says it is best to use with one of their leave ins which I think would go down better.
My wash n go was a fail. I think it was due to not using a leave in and using way too much of the pudding to compensate for the lack of leave in.
My hair was just greasy, I did way too much and I was disappointed.

hair with Quench My Thirst + Twists and Curls Pudding before styling
Second time I used it with the Quench My Thirst to do a braid n curl. They work so well together! My hair was all yummy feeling for 2 weeks :) I got compliments on my hair as well.

I still wanted to see how it did by itself (kinda sorta) without a playmate from it's own company.
I used it on my last wash day. I used Nature's Gate Aloe Vera Conditioner as a leave in & sealed with Karen's Body Beautiful Heavenly Jojoba Oil. Styled with the Pudding on twists. It was suppose to be an immediate twist out but I didn't want to pull out the twists. My twists looked really good and felt moisturized. They got hella frizzy by the second day but whatever. 
I did a twist out on the fourth day until now. My hair is still soft.

Braid n Curl with the Twists & Curls Pudding

It says to use a little and it's best that way. Too much is really too much. Hair will feel greasy and no bueno. It really helps to keep a style.. I have yet to do it in a wash n go so when I do, I'll post about it.
Would I purchase? Not sure. I need to try again for a WnG because I don't look for stylers to do twists or plaits. I really look for stylers to aid in my WnGs. I would buy off of how great my hair feels after not refreshing for days on end.