Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have a love for baked goods. I have a sweet tooth that loves to rear its pretty lil head almost every second of the day. I mean, whats not to love about a chocolatey delight or savory goodness of something warm from the oven dripping with sweet goodness..

Well I just wanted to showcase a friend of mine's goodies.

Jessica Hylton aka Jessiker has her own company called Jessiker Bakes.
Based in Kingston, Jamaica, she offers an array of treats that's sure to appeal to everyone's senses.

I am hoping she will expand her business to ship worldwide because... I would love some of her stuff :)
I'll just treat myself when I head to Jamaica later this year =)

So if you ever find yourself in that beautiful country I call home or someone you know, tell them about Jessiker Bakes.

Visit her website here and the blog hurrr-- the blog has recipes and pics good enough to eat off the screen!
and follow on Twitter at @jessikerbakes

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