Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mizz King

I've been in the library for a couple hours now, suppose ot be doing some work but I've been trolling thru the net.
Ended up watching Diana King perform live at the Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival.
This is an awesome annual event thats celebrating tis 15th anniversary. I've never been but I've always wanted to go. They always have a good line up of people and the festival normally runs for three days. Good idea for a vacay- live music and Ja.. cya ask fi nuttin betta.

Diana King is in the list of fave artistes. I've loved her ever since I can remember.
Shy Guy and Li Li Lies are my songs. I would sing these songs at 4/5 years old. Good times.

Her set was siiiiiiccckkk! Her voice is just as eargasmic as ever. Great live performer.
Her interview was also inspiring. She's such a rootsy, true to nature woman. Loved when she said
"I usually perform bare footed"    haha ah my kinda ooman dat still!
She also spoke on the tattoo on her forehead. I always thought it was something she drew on from time to time because in some pics it wasn't there but she said she used to cover it up. It means Strong Woman & to her love yourself. She spoke on how she use to be insecure in her talent back in the days because of how different her voice is & some people didn't like it (how could you not?!) Miss King decided to forget those people (bump the haters) and embraced herself because
"If I don't love myself, who will?"   True Ting Still.

Gotta love her don't it? Diana Mi Love Yu BAD BAD!!!
& she rocks a meaaaaaan low cut.
Here's the video for Li Li Lies.. Enjoy=)
Also check out her website HERE

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