Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tis The Season

I love the fact that I'm up before 1 pm on a weekend.
I spent Saturday in my bed, dreaming dreaming and dreaming.

My dream world is so weird. I dreamt someone wanted to kill me with a sword and we were on a sandy dune..then at some other times a bomb went off somewhere and it was a Hello Kitty watch. Go figure.
My dreams always tend to have some form of danger in there. Eh, maybe I'm yearning for some excitement.

But its December! I'm so excited. I love Christmas time. Always has a hint of magic in the air.
Its more magical in Jamaica but hey, I'm in S. FL so I'll make do.

Crismus Breeze already ah blow and lights everywhere ... ah the Holidays
Sequins, Glitter, Wreaths and Hot Cocoa Yum!

this pic reminds me of my Fab Cuz Safiya who I'll be seeing this Christmas along with her sisters Keya & Kisha.

Christmas time = Family Joy!

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