Monday, December 6, 2010


So its Finals Week all about the country at universities and colleges.

I've been done with mine from last week (YAY!) but I still wanted to indulge in the "festivities".
Because of my finals, my reading of Mrs. Dalloway got put aside *sadface* so I thought you know what, lets go to the library and read it.

Yeah... with my Starbucks in tow I went searching for a spot to indulge in my chocolaty goodness and to get lost in the British High Society in bookland #fail.
I'm currently typing from the floor in between the book stacks. Its packed!!!
You would think its the club on a friday night, ladies and gents free all night drinks inclusive.

I see y'all though getting your studying on. Big Up Yourself

hehe got CurlyNikki open on the lappy ;)

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