Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ruh Ruh!

Lets face this day with a smirk on our face and scream in the face of worry.
Let us not be caught up in trivial pursuits but in something meaningful.
Let Thursday be your day, the day for something awesome.

-Buy someone lunch.
-Help a person in the library.
-GO TO THE LIBRARY. Check out a book and actually read it.

I know its Finals week or fast approaching that time for a lot of people in college but take some time to breathe and do something fun and different.
Don't overload your brain til it short circuits and your dead on the walk way to class.

Tragic right? Exactly. You're young! Even if you don't think you are because life is promised to no one so to me we are all young. Ripe for the picking in this meadow of Life.


Yes that's my foot out of a window. It means step out and be fierce today!

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