Thursday, December 2, 2010

Model Behavior

I always dreamed of being a model when I was a little girl...
blah blah cut. really not really. I didn't necessarily want to be a model, I just wanted to live a glamorous lifestyle.
A glamorous, danger filled lifestyle as a Bond girl.

I pretty much would look at women plastered in magazines and on TV and conjure up images of what I would want to look like one day to meet my Bond girl criteria.

This chick right here though, oh em gee. I was in awe the first time I saw her.
Carla Campbell. Not your typical model because she's ahm... ahem a lil voluptuous
but thats the kicker!
She's a bombshell.
Carla is from Jamaica, but of course ;) so you know its all about that island flava! (biased)

anyways mi dun talk. Mek her pics speak fi dem self!

Carla Campbell |

Carla Campbell - Sexy White Bikini

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