Thursday, December 16, 2010

Music & Her

I've been slacking on posts, well because I've been either at work lost in my world and music

or the bed in my dorm room locked away in my world.

Back to Reality.

So I'm sharing with y'all an artiste by the name of Eva Hype.
Eva Hype is a Jamaican artiste who deejays (not really a rapper)
I first heard about him in August when I was in Jamaica visiting my friends. My bestie works with a video production company called JayFresh, and they were in the process of planning his music video.

I really really like his music. One day while being at work, I sat down and listened to his mixtape entitled Music & Her. It has a chill, mello vibe and of course as the name implies, is about a Her.

Fav Tracks
"Lovers Go"
"Hello Heartbeat"

Download the mixtape here & take a listen

& watch the video for Lovers Go.. Enjoy =)

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