Friday, April 26, 2013

Pre-Poo Updo

 Oy my goodness.. is this a hairstyle from Cinni?
Why yes, yes it is.

Lol guys, this was created by accident. 
As the title says, I was pre-pooing..well doing a scalp thing that I plan on posting about..and in the process of separating and pinning, 
this updo came about. 

Aside from the frizz, I was like "This is a hot style!" 
So I pulled out the cam & snapped a couple of pics for you guys.
I'm trying to take more pics of my hair for you guys so BOOM!

Here's how it came about if you want to re-create it in a more banging way than I did.

1. Separate your hair in two. Pin one side away.

2. On the right side, create 4 chunky twists starting from the back. You don't have to part properly for this.

Pre-Poo indeed. Y'all see those white flakes? Lol
3. On the left side, part your hair into 2 sections starting right behind your ear. Put the lower section into 2 chunky twists.

4. Gather all the twists into a low bun or roll them and secure with a clip like I did.

5. The left front section that is loose, begin to roll the hair clockwise, not too tight or too loose and curve it so the ends aren't covering the right side twists but beside it. Secure with pins or a cute clip.

Hope that made sense.
If it didn't and you really want a tutorial, lemme know & I'll film one.

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