Thursday, April 18, 2013

Colo(u)r Me Silly

Greetings Lovelies
This warmer weather is making me think of Summer
Sandy beaches, frozen drinks, HOT SUN!
It's the island girl in me and with the thoughts of Summer come the thoughts of switching up my hair
in the form of color.
I've thought about doing Marley Twists but I really like having my hair free&loose in the Summer
so color it is!
Even when I was relaxed, my go to hair switcharoo would be some form of color. 
I've done a bleached blonde chunks in my hair, red, light brown, back to black

If you've been following my blog you know I colored a section of my hair late last Summer
first with a box color then my cousin bleached it. Check out that post here

CrystalAfro posed a question yesterday on tips for the "healthiest way to add color"
She must be in my head!

Right on time! So ladies if you're looking to venture into the realm of hair color, take heed to that!
I really can't wait to color my hair. Now the next question is, 
Will I do my whole head or just the section? Hmm...

What are your thoughts on hair color? Plan on switching it up for the summer?

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