Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wash N Go YO

So for this summer, I've been doing a lot of wash n gos. For this past year really. 
I never really did a lot of wash n gos in the past due to the varying curl patterns in my head and length at the time. After about a 2 months or so from my BC, the shape looked so awkward. 
Whenever I did one, I either pinned both the sides back or wore a headband. 
So mullet looking.. lol. I promise it looked a tad better later on

Never ever could I wear it out by itself. So last year I started doing them more and this year a bit more because of how much my hair has grown. It doesn't look weird. Well sometimes the curls by my temple (which are the loosest curls) can hang lower than the rest then its just off but I can always fluff to hide that.

So in the Summer Product Post here, the styling products you see are what I use. I just mix a combo of them.

This wash n go is the Curl & Style Milk, Smoothie & then "sealed" with the Beautiful Curls Curl Custard.
I re wet my hair and applied the Garnier to my hair.. finger detangled for a lil bit (like 5 mins tops) then rinsed. 
Look out for my vid on the diff combos I use for wash n gos!

Have you been doing wash n gos for the summer? Do you like them?

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