Thursday, February 24, 2011

Simple Ting

Hey guys, I'm giving y'all another music video to check out.

Its a video for Simple Song by Konshens. He is a Jamaican artiste who has been mashing up the scene for some time now. His distinct voice and handsome face are things to admire.

I laughed at the various parts of the video so hopefully this brightens your day.

Sidenote: the leading lady is James Black (her alias) she is 1/2 of Yahdie Conscious, a wicked wicked clothing line straight from Yaad. I've been an avid supporter and customer from the inception. More on that.
Check out her blog JBStylezone & check out YC's online store. It ships to the US!

Enjoy =)

1 comment:

  1. I like his flow! It was a flirt love on msn a few years ago lol! He started with "Sojah", "sons of jah" with his brother! Anyway, love his vibe!!