Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Wadada is an Amharic word that means Love.

Twin sisters, Asha & Ayanna Diaz hail from Trinidad & Tobago and they are the creators behind
Wadada Movement - a conscious yet stylish female clothing line.

The line developed from the twins not finding clothing suitable for them so they would make their own garments. This line was brought to my attention when I was watching the behind the scenes of Protoje's Rasta Love music vid. I posted about the music vid HERE.
I fell in love with the clothing and couldn't wait til they officially launched the line.
I might have to make a trip to T&T for an item or just contact them & see if they'll ship.

Their first collection is titled African Princess and is influenced by their Rastafarian beliefs.

Check out their site for more info HERE
& this behind the scenes look at the photoshoot for the collection.

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