Monday, May 9, 2011

Lemme Upgrade Ya!

Talking to one of my besties on Skype and the topic of upgrading came up.
It stemmed from talking about long distance relationships ( that's another post)..

Lemme rewind a bit. You see, we're both Jamaican and live in the US and coming from one culture to the American culture you see a lot of different things especially when it comes to relationships.
The long distance thing flowed over into how we don't see ourselves being with a man from America forever because they aren't loyal. Now I know most females will say that males in general aren't loyal but that isn't true. My bestie pointed on the fact that the males aren't loyal, not only in the fidelity area but just generally. 

I said it is because of the society now in America, we are being programmed to keep upgrading our stuff.
A new phone comes out every 2-3 months. Upgrade for a discount and so forth.

A man here will look at a girl and see her as "stuff" that can be replaced with a newer, better edition in 2-3 months time. 

Look at the iPad. Not even a year has passed properly and there is an iPad 2 out and people are clamoring to get it. 
Is anything wrong with said iPad? Probably not but the hype surrounding the newer one entices consumers to throw down their previous purchases and scoop up what is hot in stores.
Same thing in relationships.

You have the smart ones that hold on to what they have because as much as they may be not be the it thing, they are durable and have never failed them when they really need it.

Yes I just compared relationships and men's behavior in America to technological products but I find it totally fitting.


  1. Great post! And true on so many levels.

  2. I like the comparison! Consumption! ;-)