Saturday, April 21, 2012

Product Alert

So I've been out the loop when it comes to new natural hair products. While I was prancing along on CurlyNikki.. in a comment on this post, I saw someone mention Cantu having a curl cream.


I'm excited. I really want to try it. It's the Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream
(what's up with all these products and their long behind names?)

If you didn't know, I love the Cantu Leave In Conditioning Cream. It's been on my staple product list for years now and they finally have something geared towards us natural hair women. FINALLY!

If you want to run out and try it, it is available at Walmart I believe for under $7. 

Are you interested in trying this product? Have you tried it? 
Let me know!


  1. Hi Cinni!

    I saw this in Wal-mart and bought it a few weeks ago. I love this product it works so well on my hair and it is reasonably priced. It has good slip too. It does what it says it does. My hair is soft, curls defined and moisturized too. I love the smell of this cream, right here!


  2. Thanks Evelyn for the feedback..

    did you use it for a WnG or for a twistout/braidout?

  3. Hi!!

    I would love to try it! I have the Cantu Shea Butter Leave In butit wasn't good enough then I enhanced it with vatika oil & coconut butter (so great now)! I hope I would find this soon, I trust Evelyn!