Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MANE-ly Speaking

Back with another MANE-ly Speaking!
Check out this gorge gal :)

Who are you?
Ello, ello!! My name’s Brittani but everyone calls me Buni. I’m 22 years old and I’m a Fashion Merchandising major at Miami International University of Art & Design (Whew! Long title … I know!) I’m also a Sales Associate at Sunglass Hut. Originally, I was born in Georgia, but I grew up in the Bahamas where some of my family’s from. I’ve traveled to Europe and all around the U.S. due to my father serving in the Army. <3

3 words you would use to describe yourself.
Innovative, Spontaneous, & Definitely Humorous (I love laughing and giving laughs!) =]P

Why did you go natural?
After high school I wanted a different look. My hair was so damaged, the only thing I could think to do was cut it. So I had my hair cut into a style inspired by Rihanna from Disturbia. It wasn’t until I left for college that I went natural. I was greatly influenced by my roomie Ryan (yes she’s a girl if your wondering lol). I never knew what “natural” meant until I met her. I had only grown up on relaxers. When we met she was already natural. She would style her hair nearly every week and I loved each style. We would go out and people would compliment her hair. I became interested and wanted know what my natural texture looked like. My journey began because of her. She encouraged me, helped do my hair, and was always around when I felt to relapse. 

Was it difficult or easy to go natural?
It was definitely a struggle for me, as I said before, I only knew of a relaxer. I was so naïve, I thought relaxers were what ethnic women were supposed to use. So I educated myself (about hair). I never had a big chop; I continuously trimmed my ends throughout my journey. I wore mini braids and hair extensions. For years I’ve struggled with not feeling beautiful. While transitioning I felt pressured to straighten my hair. However, being an aspiring model, I’ve never felt pressured to do so. Surprisingly, agents are looking for girls with natural hair! Although I may appear fully natural, I’m not. The front of my hair is still in transition. That’s the area I would straighten the most when wearing hear extensions. I’ve grown to love my hair! Curls, kinks, and coils! 

4 words to describe your mane.
Fluffy, Kinky, Coily, & Free (I swear it has a mind of its own!) >_<

Tell us a little about your regimen.
My regimen is very simple, I promise lol. After washing and conditioning, I would twist out my hair with Shea Moisture’s Curling Soufflé. I wear a satin cap at night (although it tends to end up on the floor in the mornings lol). Then for the day I would either wear a Pineapple Pony (My signature look lol), Bun, or out in a fro (which I don’t do as often because I want more length). ^_^ 

What have you learned on your natural hair journey?
I’ve learned to be gentle with my hair, how to care for my hair, and to be patient with its growth. I’ve also learned that everyone’s hair react differently to certain products. I’ve found two product brands as well as a regimen that seems to be working for me. I’ve noticed some major growth. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to become a naturalista.

Candidly speaking…(anything else you would like to add)
Yes, it’s everyone’s own personal choice whether to be natural or relaxed, but there’s something exceptionally beautiful about a woman who’s bold and isn’t afraid to be different!! Thanks so much Allison ^_^ my goal is to reach your length someday!! 

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