Monday, May 28, 2012

Midlands Meetup

Hello Lovelies :)

School is out and so is the sun. Summer is here!

The last couple of weeks of Uni was stress. Glad it's over so I can blog more!
I went to my first natural hair meet up on Saturday. Can you believe I've never ever been to one? Never heard of any in the South Florida area when I was living there and I never did make it to any in London due to me being so far but I finally got to attend one in Birmingham.

It was a great event I must say. It had a intimate feel so I didn't feel swallowed by a huge crowd. 

There were presentations of all sorts
on Nutrition, Transitioning, Make Up and African Heritage.

Also, Goodie bags with samples from KeraCare, Original Moxie, Curls Unleashed and more!
 reviews on those in a couple of weeks.

I also won a full size set of Karen's Body Beautiful products courtesy of!
I was so happy! I've never tried any of KBB products but have seen rave reviews on the internet about them so I'm eager to try them so reviews on those coming as well.

Big thanks to Lorein for organizing and putting on this event and for having me :)

Check after the jump for pics!

Sister E of The Calabash Hub

Hair wraps by Sister E

Aren't these amazing?!

Tope of Mahogany Naturals 

Tope of Mahogany Naturals 

Comfort of Ceekate - clothing line.

Jackie of Lovefro


Rachel - Ticket winner from United Kinkdom's giveaway

Crystal of United Kinkdom 

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