Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Artiste Spotlight - Charly and Margaux

Greetings Lovelies!
Today's spotlight is on the dynamic duo Charly & Margaux.

You may have come across their pics on various natural hair sites & you've probably heard their music before.
Think you haven't? They did the strings and backing vocals on Kendrick Lamar's "B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe".

From their site-
Charly and Margaux are Brooklyn based string composers contributing a fresh perspective to contemporary music. Both classically trained at Boston College and Berklee School of Music, they are building an impressive repertoire of worldly music. Charly and Margaux have developed a distinct sound that defies singular genres by pulling elements from baroque styles, East Asian folk, and personal bluesy flavor. The duo write contemporary pieces they perform together and with their 5pc band that includes DJ Ginyard (bass), Andy Berman (guitar) and Justin Tyson (percussion).

Besides doing various gigs for other artistes, these two Brooklyn ladies have been making the rounds on their own, selling out shows across the country.
I love them because they take classical music and infuse themselves into their creations.
Fierce naturalists with an insane style serving it up on the strings? Yes please.
They conjure up my childhood dream of playing the violin but I never knew what I would do with it.. They are the epitome of what one (or two) can do with this classical instrument.

Check them out below 
Enjoy =)

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