Sunday, December 8, 2013

End of Year Hair Rant

2013 is almost done and I can't believe it.
The end of a year always brings about an itch to do something different with my hair.

I really want to color the lightened sections of my hair back to black but I want to use Shea Moisture hair color due to how great my hair felt but it isn't here in the UK :-( 

I'm also thinking of straightening my hair. Not revolutionary but I've never actually done it myself, the last 2 times my cousin has done it so it would be a new thing for me.
I may not end up doing it because I can't be bothered (a lot of hair man)

 Le sigh. I also thought about doing yarn twists or twists in general but again.. Where I live in the UK, getting hair is a feat. A Caribbean shop is in my town and the lady sells some hair but the prices are racked up because black people are scarce. 

I may do mini twists on blown out hair. That's it! 

What do you think? Itching to do something new with your hair approaching the new year?


  1. Your hair is LOVELY! and i love the colour. do wot u wanna do, but i really love d colour. i am so colouring my hair wen it grows longer.

    1. why thank you! I still love the colour but I prefer dark hair on me when it's not summertime. I always get like this when I colour my hair

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  3. Girl luv your hair volume. For the first time I'm really thinking I got to do something to get more volume. Do you use any products to more volume?