Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Wishlist

So Christmas season is upon us..
All the ads are rolling full steam over on this side of the pond and it's making me wanna slap some things on a wish list..

Yes I have a hair product wish list. There are things I've been eyeing for tiiiime but finances and life in general have said heck NAW to pretty much all of it. I'm sharing it with you all because well.. I feel as if you all get it and me. So bam.

Starting off the lust.. I mean list. (no lie thats what my fingers typed when i meant list :)


these babies are all over naturlista's heads and they work well to stretch the hair while giving it a nice curl. they're uber pricey too and I do not have the dough to blow on them.

-Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Condish Block

I am head over heels for this deep con dish and the last time I used it.. 90g was just enough for my hair and that was 2 years ago! So clearly the block is the way to go. But it's so expensive!

-Curls Curl Soufflé & Whipped Cream

I want them both at the same dang time. I really want to do a compare + contrast review on these since they both seem like they would work for my hair even though they are marketed differently. I smelled the Whipped Cream once in a beauty shop in London.. LISTEN! I wanted to eat it and then slather it on my hair.

-Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme

Been eyeing this since I did my BC. How many moons later, I'm still oh so curious about this product. The chocolate coffee combo bit is pulling me in as well. i got a thang for em both ;)

-Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Collection & Chocolat Smoothing Collection

Love the chocolate line. LOVE IT! Thang made my hair silky smooth every time, whether straightening or simple curly wear. Smells divine as well. I've been curious about the hair milk collection as well so its on le list too.

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