Monday, November 18, 2013

Product Review - Shea Moisture Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Look at me hitting y'all with another product review
another Shea Moisture joint

so this isn't a popular product.. popular in the sense that most people go weak in the knees for it
but i'm one of those few people.

see i have eczema (i've probably stated this fifteen hunnid times on hurr)
but i gotta keep saying it cuz its for realsy
it's horrid and living in the UK in the cold makes it even more horrid
i get it on my scalp, mostly by my hairline and it can do this weird thing when if not kept in check, breaks out on my forehead and eyebrows :-|

so when i decided to try this here poo last year summer.. it said NAWL to the zema and that thang left!
it didn't cure but with regular use, i don't itch and no flare ups!

I love this shampoo because it is the only shampoo that effectively cleanses my scalp and hair without irritating it. it isn't a moisturizing shampoo and the hair isn't left feeling stripped either.
it feels clean. 

the consistency is runny and lathers up decently.
no sulfates and other random things i don't know how to say

this is a keeper in my books.

what say you? have you ever tried it?

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